How to bind off circular?

OK- I’m pretty much a beginner but I have done several projects on straight needles. To attempt knitting in the round I decided to ‘wing it’ with a little project and now I have a simple tubular capelet on these circular needles. How do I bind off?? I am sure it must be so simple, but I am baffled. My working yarn is on the right needle. I have 95 stitches in a relatively chunky yarn, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get them off the needles! Help!

You should be able to bind off the same as you do with straights. At the begining of the round, knit 2, pass first over second… so on and so forth.

The problem is thinking about it.

Binding off on circulars is the same as binding off on straight needles. Many techniques exist for finding off; a “standard” method is knit two, pass first stitch over the second one and off the needle, k1, repeat between the stars; on last st, break the yarn and pass it back through the stitch and pull tight.

On that last stitch, you might notice a little jog where the last bindoff is higher than the first. Take the yarn end on a tapestry needle and put it through the first stitch to mimic the bind-off stitches lying on their side. It usually looks good. (Sorry that’s not a very good explanation. Examine the stitches along the bindoff edge closely and try to make the last stitch look the same.)

There are videos on this site for binding off (under “basic Techniques”).

Good luck.