How to avoid a "jog"

I have just begun knitting in the round (why was I so resistant to this for so long:whoosh: ) and I have noticed that there is a “jog” when I get to the beginning of a round. I didn’t notice this at first because of the pattern and yarn I used but this hat that I am working on the jog really shows.

Is there a trick to avoiding this? Is it something in the joining?

Regardless, I just love knitting in the round. No seams is wonderful!

Nope that’s normal for circular knitting because you’re really knitting a spiral. It’s usually not a problem unless you’re doing garter stitch or changing colors. For garter st, what I do is purl the first round, slip the first st of the next round and switch to knit, knit around including the slipped st, slip the next stitch and purl, including the slipped st on that round, etc until I’m done with the garter section. Then go into stockinette or whatever st pattern. It’s not as noticeable that way, and I believe something similar is used for switching colors.

Awesome! I’ll give that a try. I was just not sure if I was doing something wrong. I’d probably be the only one to notice it anyway! :slight_smile:

You might try this tip ( It’s helped me in the past.

Wow! Thanks for the link, that is really a great site and I bookmarked it. She has so much info there, it will be a valuable reference. :muah:

Here is another site that is helpful: