How to attach a set in sleeve

What is the method of choice to attach the set in sleeve?

Ive done sleeve caps and all sorts of “pick up and knit” sleeves.

But this will be my first set in sleeve. And I wouldnt be doin this if the sleeve wouldnt have had lace on the end. But its ineveatable, I must learn.

so any links, bits of wisdom, or anything yall can give me on methods of sewing the set in sleeve on, would be wonderful.

thank you:thumbsup:

Here is a page that shows how to join stitches to rows which is what you need to do for sewing in sleeves. It works very nicely. LINK
This is part of an on-line book about knitting and there is a lot more about seaming there if you need other help with seams.

My other advise is to find the middle of the sleeve cap and attach it to the shoulder seam and find some other measures of like half and a quarter of the distance from shoulder to underarm by folding each piece to find the quadrants. Mark those and match them up as you sew.

I went to a finishing class and the teacher (Chris Bylsma-has a web site) said to sew the shoulder and side seams and sew the sleeve seam and then attach the sleeve into the complete armhole. It seems a bit tricky, but I have done it with success.

Good success to you.