How to attach a braid to the tail of a hat

Ok, I’m knitting along on this stocking hat, I get to the end and all it says is to bind off and attach the braid to the already finished work… Help?? :???:

Can you give us a link to the pattern?
Probably you could sew the braid on or run yarn through the top of the braid and stitch it to the hat.

I had to buy the pattern online. It literally says to bind off and then says attach braid to bo edge. I’ve never done a braid on a hat before and all I can find is how to attach one to earflaps, nothing on the tail of a stocking hat.

Well, if it’s hand-braided of strands of yarn perhaps you could thread the strands through the bound off edge and the divide them up and braid them. That way the braid would be firmly part of the hat. Isn’t it similar to attaching braids to the end of earflaps?
It could be similar to this video for adding fringe but perhaps with more strands of yarn.

Can you tell us the name of the pattern?

Well I was thinking of doing it that way, but as I said I’ve never put a braid on anything. It’s a pattern from an Etsy shop called Patterns for Delia called Stocking hat knitting pattern newbornbaby infant toddler child photograph prop cap. It’s a long name

I think it’s this one.

I think you just attach them however you can. Either sew and we’ve in the ends or thread the yarn strands through the center of the bind off and then weave the ends I side and braid the other end.