How to assemble your hand knits

I will be completing my first real project shortly and I am little concerned about how to assemble this sweater. I am only concerned because I read somewhere that you need to be pretty experienced as a knitter for your assembled item to look professional. Is this correct . Does anyone have advise. Thx

The best technique I ever learned for sewing together pieces is the mattress stitch. It makes a beautiful, nearly invisible seam.

I’ve learned that it takes me longer than I think it will. So just be ready to take your time and don’t be discouraged if it takes longer than you think.

Also tension can be an issue, so it’s sort of like knitting - don’t pull too tight, but don’t leave it too loose either.

And check the way it looks before weaving those ends in! :wink:

As for how to assemble a sweater specifically, I always join the shoulder seams first, and then with the whole thing (back and front) laying flat with the right side facing up, do the sleeves next. Especially if they are set-in sleeves with a cap and all that, easing them in without the side seams already done is a whole lot easier. Lastly, seam the sleeves from wrist to armpit and the sides from waist to armpit. If you want (and I sometimes do it this way) you can seam those last two steps in one go, from the wrist all the way down to the waist. Some prefer to not do it that way though so that all potential seaming boo boos can be hidden in the armpit area where they won’t be seen.

And I agree, mattress stitch is the best for producing an even, finished looking seam.