How to adjust pattern to measurements

I purchased a pattern from Cascade a Yarns for the ultra Pima Rose Trellis Shawl Vest. I am doing this for my Aunt and she lives away but she sent me her measurements. They are larger than what is on the pattern. I am confused on the back on the amount of stitches I need to do.
Her m asurememts are: underarm to underarm- 26”, please help!!! Y’all are awesome!!! It has been some time since I’ve been here to the site. Thank you.

This pattern?

It’s a sideways knit so you begin on the front edge, knit to the armhole, then across the back to the other armhole and across the front to the opposite front edge. You can see the vest laid out in this project, the 5th photo down:

You can knit the fronts and back for as long as you’d like the measurements to be. You might want to consider whether you’d like to add height to the vest by adding a 20stitch lace repeat however.

I’m sorry, this is a free pattern I purchased the yarn at the same time from Cascade. Thank you so much for answering my questions. You are wonderful. You just make everything make more sense and you have so much patience. It has been a while since we texted. Yes for the length she put down 30” from her shoulder to the middle of her thigh so I figured I would do another set of the(44) Row. Is that right? This is the biggest project I’ve ever tried along side the tank sweater last year that you helped me with. Again, thank you so much. I am going to start this tonight. So I would just start out like I’m making an XL, correct? With casting on.


From shoulder to mid thigh, you would adjust the number of sts cast on. Since the repeat is 20sts, you should adjust in groups of 20sts. Casting on 114sts should be about 29 inches from shoulder to thigh so that would be pretty close.
The width around the body depends on the number of rows. So that’s a matter of adjusting the 44 row repeat.
We’re always happy to help around here. This looks like a very pretty pattern.

Yes is does. I got confused about the 20 and 44. Lol. Ok so I’ll start with 114 sts and go from. It should start making more sense. Do you have an amt you charge for around the clock? Just joking. I should do just fine (with your help of course and whomever wants to jump In and get a piece). Thank you so much for your time, patience, and especially your expertise.
Talk to you soon. I should have some pictures next time.

It’s all good. Remember to work a swatch.
Looking forward to the photos and enjoy!

I casted on 26 sts and knitted 3 inches. It came out to 4 sts. It was right on. Yay!!!

Very pretty yarn for this. You’re good.
I notice the designer says that gauge (16sts/4") isn’t critical but I’m a bit compulsive about knitting swatches. I don’t like starting a project with a gauge guess.

I totally agree. I never use to do searches until I made a poncho and boy did I wish I did. It turned out to be to small.
Oh yes the color is very pretty. It is the same Yarn I use to make the knitted Knockers. Color is Spring Green. I will start on the vest when the Super Bowl starts. :blush:. Thank you again.

It’s so good of you to make Knitted Knockers and that’s a lovely color to use. They’re a wonderful charity.

Getting a late start due to some emergencies at home but everything is ok now with my dad. I just have a question for clarification. The beginning I CO 114 then I k all sts. I then worked the next 5 rows in Knit.

Now it says to Start working the Lace Pattern. Underneath it has r 1 & 2. Do I do those instead of Row 1 & 2 of the Lace pattern and then continue with the rest of the Lace pattern? I hope that made sense.
Thank you for your help.

Yes, work those 2 rows and then move to the page with the Lace Pattern and work rows 3-44. Once you’ve completed row 44, start again with row 1 under Lace Pattern and work rows 1-44 of the Lace Pattern, then rows 1-22.

Thank you

see measurement ratio, this allows to use any pattern or stich and adapt