How To Add Wooden Tags to Knitted Items?

Hi guys

I’m struggling to tie off the the yarn I use to sew on my tags; they keep unravelling after a tug or two. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Should I be using thread instead of using split yarn that matches my garment.


What cute tags. I’ve done this with sewing thread and the tags are firmly attached.

Thank you.

Do you tie a special knot in the back?

I usually use the thread doubled with a longish tail before a single knot. Then, I can make the first stitch and put the needle through the loop of thread after the knot to secure it. Stitch several times through the tag, knot and run the thread through some yarn strands (sort of like weaving in an end) and cut. I can go back to the initial tail and weave the in then cut the excess.

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Thank you so much for trying to help me. I have read this several times tone and I’m afraid I a very confused.

Anyway you want to attach the label with the sewing thread will work. No special knot required.

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