How to add short rows to a pattern?

I’ve already finished one pair of clogs and they turned out great, except I would really like them better if they had more of a closed heel (I’m such a clutz that I need a closed heel to avoid death by tripping :wink: ). I followed the instructions and knit 2 more rounds at the end for a more closed heel, but I still would like to add a couple more rows. Problem is, if I just knit a couple more rows that will make the front part too high I think. So, would short rows be a solution? These clogs were my first experience with short rows, or at least I think thats what all those wrap and turns were :?? ? I understand the concept, but I haven’t gotten my mind wrapped around it enough to be able to figure out how to incorporate these into this pattern.

I would really appreciate any suggestions any of you might have!

KellyK is the resident clog expert. I’m sure she’ll be along soon to give you her input! :slight_smile: