How to add photos from ipad

I’ve tried swiping a photo to the site but don’t seem able to get it from iPad to site. Any suggestions

Have you tried the up arrow in the top middle of the Reply box? It’ll let you choose files from the device or the cloud.
I haven’t tried copy and paste but that might be an alternative.

No, thanks and I’m going to try to resend, so if you get 2 the same from me, just ignore one of them.

T. Keane

No dice, tried 4 times but they just don’t fill in. Thanks anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s try @sheldon and see if he can help you out.

(you can also drag & drop into the editor to upload them)
Not from my phone, I can not swipe to the editor.

Oh! Did you open the edit mode before you swiped?

Might be different for iPad.

(I admit this was an after thought, and a much simpler reason for a swipe not to work)

I also do not remember my wife’s iPad ever showing me more than one active app on screen at a time (other than some “secret” active apps listing that I could never find).

Upload screens should look like these images.


These images were captured from my Android.



After file selection:


After I tap the upload arrow it takes a sec for the interface to load. I think you should see similar prompts.


Thanks @OffJumpsJack for the detailed and illustrated instructions. Those instructions should work on the iPad as well. :+1:

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I really appreciate both replies from Sheldon And offsjumpsjack, but my iPad is old, 2002, have no clue what the “editor” is. When I click on the up arrow in on forums menu board, it gives me 2 oppor. Either my photo group or the website. I choose my photo board, click select, select the pic or pics and that seems to be as far as I get. The only 2 options I get from my device, work. The attach. Icon or replying from the photos themselves, but when I try to set up a new topic with pic, am unable to swipe, upload or transfer anything. I’m 75 and not very savvy on the technical aspects of any device.

Thanks anyway🙃

T. Keane

I did but after selecting, could go no further. I just not going to worry about it For the moment. I did send a new topic entitled, knitting in the round… If you have the time and Can help me understand how to work the garter stitch in the round, I’d be grateful, ma’am.

T. Keane

We may not be able to solve the problem of the older iPad, but we got your garter stitch query in hand. I see that MsGip1234 has confirmed your idea.

She did, as you have come to the rescue so many times :tipping_hand_woman: