How to add fringe to a scarf?

Hi there! I am a newbie, and taught myself how to knit from this website about a year ago.

I decided to stop smoking six weeks ago and picked up my needles again and have since finished a baby blanket & numerous scarves and have had WAY too much fun at the craft store! :slight_smile:

I have completed a cute scarf for my niece - ribbed, big blocks of irregular widths of petal pink, magenta, purple and lilac. Stripes, chunks, etc. Wish I lived in a cold climate so I could keep it for myself! I’d like to add some fringe to the scarf.

To do this, can I just put the yarn through and tie it off? Will it look nice? Is there a special way to do it? Any advice much appreciated! Thanks!

this is probably not the best picture but i usually cut a fringe 2x as long as i want the fringe to be, fold it in half, slip the folded end through the scarf ends, and then slip the fringe ends through the loop and tighten. if it is too tight, i use a crochet hook to pull it through, but most of the time i just use my fingers.

congratulations on quitting smoking! looks like you have found a good way to keep your hands occupied!1 :cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance:

Cut your yarn twice as long as you want the fringe to be–wrap it around cardboard to make it easier. Fold it in half and pull the folded end through the scarf with a crochet hook, then pull the ends through the loop.

thank you! And yes, the picture did get the point across.
I appreciate the help! xxx