How to add edging?

When you have knitted a length of edging, how do you add it to something? I know how to add it to the straight sides, but what about corners?

Ideally, you should knit the edging so that it has corners too by working increases or short row shaping at the corner.

If you have just a straight piece of knitting, you can try to bend it around the corner and as you’re stitching it to the main piece, add tucks and pleats at the corner of the edge piece to give it the curved shape of the corner.

Make sense?

Yes it does. I have no idea how to do short rows or how to add increases when something doesn’t already have them in the pattern, so I guess I will just have to pleat it a bit. Thanks!

For future reference, the ideal thing is to do a knitted on edging which solves the problem of sewing. Basically you cast the stitches for the edging onto the needle you used to knit the original piece. Then when you are knitting out away from the piece you are knitting the right side of the edging. When you knit back toward the piece you are knitting the wrong side of the edging. When you get to the last stitch of the edging you knit it together with a stitch from the original piece to attach the edging.