How they do that?

Hello to All,

I am now starting to knit socks!!! My firend/instructor has me knitting using the Moda Dea Sassy Stripes. I had already used the yarn once before but made a hat. My question is, does anybody know how they make the yarn so it comes out with stripes and patterns? Do they have a foot mold they wrap the yarn around then color it accordingly? I was just wondering. Now back to knitting my sock :XX:


it’s a mystery, a big ole mystery to me!!!

Dunno either. I often wonder about it, though, when knitting with stripey yarns. I just bought some Moda sock yarn. How do you like yours? I love the colours, and the bit thicker weight of it. samm who hopes someone here can answer our mystery…

It is interesting how it turns out. I imagine they take an average and dye accordingly. I’m sure it doesn’t line up exactly each row, but you’d never notice in the long run.

I have a book about dyeing stripes, you have to dye every x number of feet in Color A, then Color B, etc…LOL, of course, u can see I’ve not dyed any :roflhard: :rofling:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

You’re too busy knitting socks, Becka, to actually take the time to dye the self-striping yarn :wink:

um, yeah its called “magic.”

Gosh thats a good question.

I’ve seen these websites about it and would like to try it someday. I made a hat with the Sassy Stripes (forgot to post it!! :?? ) and just love how it came out. I’m making socks with KP Simple Stripes now and it coming out in more defined stripes. Amazing really and I’m SOOOOOOOOO glad someone figured this out because all that changing of colors would be a pain! :roflhard:
Techniques for self striping
Dying self striping yarn

Jan! You are awesome! What cool sites.

Opal says they design their self-patterning yarns electronically, and the color is applied by computer to the undyed yarn as it is wound into balls. So it allows for a lot of intricacies in the pattern, but the dye isn’t fully penetrated into the yarn like it is for conventional dying processes. The Moda Dea yarn looks similar - perhaps it’s created in the same way.

Here’s another one too!

One thing though, if you’re winding it around chairs, make sure your chairs are weighted down or are very heavy. When my DD and I were winding the yarn, we noticed that the first strands were getting saggier and saggier, and realized that the chairs were being pulled toward one another! So then I wound it around the legs of the kitchen table, I knew they wouldn’t be going anywhere! LOL

That’s so funny you posted this because right before I came upstairs to sit here for awhile, I was looking at my striped sock and I say to my DH look at that! How each new color starts at the the right needle, at the beginning of the next round. I had to explain “right needle” and beginning of a round of couse he tried to poo poo it and say it was JUST COINCIDENCE ha ha… But they are perfect in this sock, the stripes, it’s so cool. !

And it is a mystery coz he also said to me, aren’t socks different? And yeah, like some are much bigger lacier etc hmmmmmmmmmmm

It is quite easy to dye selvstriping yarn, I have done it several times, I use KoolAid and white wool. It is quite fun!

I used the yarn on a pair of socks.

I found how to do it at

Of course Regia, Fortissima and Opal makes more beautiful yarn than I can make at my kitchen, but it is fun to dye yarn, it smells soooo good!

Those are really neat socks Virtuella! What a great idea, nice combination/design. I just might have to copy you! :smiley:

I would love that!! :thumbsup: