How store needles

I have a bunch of straight needles in an old knitting bag. Always frustrating finding the pair I need. I was thinking of asking dh to make a wooden container maybe hexagon shape vase size where they could all stand.

Then the circulars…no clue there.

Do you have pix of how you all store them?

I only have one pair of straight needles so no storage needed, but I’ve heard of people putting them in a pretty vase. Make them part of the decor!

–Weird thing just happened completely unrelated… as I was sitting here getting ready to type this the water faucet in my kitchen turned on for a couple seconds and then off by itself! It’s a no touch faucet, but that’s never happened before and my cat was no where near it. :astonished:

Living in a haunted house, huh? I guess that’s what comes of not having straight needles. lol That is weird though. I hope it doesn’t mean there’s a problem and you’ll have to replace it.

I have some never use 'em straight needles and Tunisian hooks in a glass jar. My dpn, used mostly for fixing mistakes, are in a candy box. My fixed circs for socks and a couple 16"ers I decided to try supposedly reside in a plastic shoebox type container but in reality most are not at home, some are in use and others are hiding. Interchangeable tips are in the plastic cases they came with and the cables for them in a zippered pouch. I use the interchangeables all the time. Luckily the three sets all use the same cables.

When I get caught up in projects I have a tendency to accumulate a lot of knitting paraphernalia that I have to sort out and put away.

Try an empty pringles can.

:joy: Turns out it had a simple explanation. My husband had put the dishcloth on top of the faucet which has a sensor and it shut the sensor off. All fixed now! :slight_smile:

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I sewed up a canvas roll for needles. One for straights, one for DPNs.

For circular needles, I use something similar to this to keep them organized, available and uncoiled:

It can hang in a closet and take up very little room.
If you’re clever with a needle and thread (not ever words that apply to me), you could make your own from your favorite fabric.

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Omg…you made me laugh so much it brought tears to my eyes. Dh sleeping so I had to hold it in laughing into my house coat.
You should be a stand up comedian or a sit down knitting one.

Was it a knitted dish cloth? :smirk:

Good excuse to buy them!

Never heard of such a thing. a little costly…thx!!

Oh, and me and sewing…if ever tiny amount required
Bandaids close at hand. :grimacing:

Wow. Impressive!

I have too many straight needles for a vase. Most were my moms.
I use them for anything not in the round like my double knitting
Projects, will use them for face cloths, etc.

The big conundrum is how to store the circs

I keep all my circulars in their original packaging and keep them lined up according to size in a small gift bag.

Simple design, although I see you don’t sew. There are similar roll ups for sale around.

Ha! No, not this time. I’ve had many knitted ones, but I got some microfiber ones for Christmas so I’m using those.

These are my very favorite way to keep interchangeables. I like them because they snap and are fairly small. I have two of them …one for my birch needles (Knitter’s Pride) and one for my nickel plated (Knitpicks). I keep the fixed circs in one of the cases just rolled up in the pocket. One of the reasons I love them… the size and the fact that they don’t have ties. I hate the ties!

I got these before they had numbers that you could put on them (or have them do it) so next time I will get them. Right now I keep the smallest on the left and the biggest on the right in order of size. I’m getting ready to order another for DPN even though they aren’t meant for them because I think they’ll work great.

Hi Metylda,

I wish I had not destroyed mine! Good solution for future.
I actually have one cheap set in its little pkg. Nice with the size shown!

They look really smart Jan.