How should I sew knitted strips together?

I am making a blanket out of several knitted strips (5" x 25") but I don’t know how it is best to sew them together! It needs to be able to hold in the wash, but I don’t want it to be stiff where I’ve made my seam. Should I whip stitch them together? Last time I needed to sew knitting together I sort of crocheted the pieces together, which was a very nice looking, sturdy seam, but it was stiff and made my project look funny. Any advice helps!

Thanks so much!

You can crochet them together in slip stitch using a larger hook so it stays loose, or look at the mattress stitch under Finishing on the Tips page.

Thanks! I’ll go check those out! Anyone else like to say anything? :wink:

The matress stitch looked like it would work, except that I’m sewing garter stitched strips to sockinette stitched strips. So I can’t use that. What was that crochet stitch you were talking about? Can anyone else help, too? Thanks!

Sure you can use it, the garter has an edge stitch, you thread the needle between it and the next stitch just like on the stockinette side.

The slip stitch is shown here - and here

Oh! Ok, great! I’ll try that!:woohoo:
It looks like a strong stitch so that’s good! Thanks!

EDIT: Thank you so much! I used the mattress stitch for a seam, and it is very strong! Also, it is completely invisible and isn’t stiff at all! Thank you so much again!