How safe are safety eyes?

Ok, I know they are called safety eyes, but are they really safe? What’s up with that? Just curious. I am knitting a little Easter bunny for a BABY (1st Easter)…I am just trying to figure out what to do for the eyes. I’d love to hear your input.


I don’t trust safety eyes. For babies and small children I embroider the eyes on. I found a tutorial a while back that shows how to make really good looking eyes. Here is the link.

No way I’d use those. For children under three I’d embroider them on.

I make many toys and whilst Safety eyes are very strong once put on , you can never under estimate what a young child can do . So to side with caution if the toy is for a very young child then always embroider the eyes on .

I read that safety eyes should never be used in children ages 3 and under. I’m using them for the first time in a bag for my 4 year old and it kinda makes me nervous. I may embroider eyes on instead. 'Haven’t decided yet.

Thanks for the info. I want to knit some toys for my nice (she’s 2). So I guess I need to learn to embroider, then.


Craft eyes that are sold as “safety eyes” are mislabeled. There is no such thing as craft eyes that are safe for young children. I am the owner of Suncatcher Craft Eyes, and I have a warning label on my packaging that states, “Contains small parts that may present a choking hazard for children under 3.” I also don’t recommend them for pet toys.

Hope that helps.

Michelle McLaughlin
Suncatcher Craft Eyes


The only assumption that is safe to make with a child that is still in the “everything-MUST-be-taste-tested” stage is that if a thing will come loose from another thing, the child WILL find a way to get it loose. I don’t trust anything with small, removable pieces for young children or dogs.

I think it’s all in how you put the safety eyes in that make them safe or not. i put them in then push on the plastic washer then i use triple strand of yarn through the hole at the bottom of the eye screw and tie them together. Then i anchor that to to some other part, usually a neck strap. i want to make absolutely sure that those eyes are not coming out no matter how hard my grandson may pull, tug or suck on them! So i only buy safety eyes that have that hole in the bottom of the screw part.

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I just made a knitted puppy for my one year old grand daughter for Christmas. The pattern actually didn’t call for Safety Eyes , but had them embroidered on as well as the nose.
I don’t even buy stuffed animals for the grandkids that have plastic eyes on them. Always opt for the sewn/embroidered faces.