How old do you have to be to join KH

My grandson wants to join a knitting forum so he can learn to knit , only he’s 10.

Does anyone know of a forum for kids?

Well, I think if they are younger than 13 they need a parents approval. You’ve been here in the forum and some of the topics tend to be more adult which could be a problem, but I suppose if an adult were with him whenever he’s here it might be okay. Ten is awfully you though so let me ask Sheldon and Amy and see what they think.

There are some kid groups on Ravelry–but I’d never let my 10yo on ravelry without my direct supervision, even in a kid group!

I guess I have been some what naive . I haven’t paid any attention to the postings as being of adult nature.

I sure don’t need to get into trouble with the DIL, thanks guys.

He’ll have to rely on old Nana here , I guess.

yup, I’m an administrator on another forum and standard practice is to ask for parental consent under the age of either 13 or 14.

THB I think most forums don’t have posts that are overly adult in nature outside of restricted over 18 sections, but even so, I’d recommend adult supervision… you could leave the password with your DIL or your SIL so that your grandson doesn’t have direct access I suppose?

And, on another note, nothing wrong with direct contact for learning knitting! I think your grandson will probably have very fond memories of you teaching him, I know I really enjoyed the time I spent with my mum learning to knit - I still rely on her expertise and advice all the time!

Our web site policy does allow for folks under 14 to register for the forum as long as they seek their parents permissions beforehand:

[B]Children and Parents[/B]
Children under the age of 14 are permitted to register for membership on but must seek the permission of a parent or guardian beforehand. Parents or guardians may request that their child’s account be removed from at anytime. Information collected during registration is only used to complete the registration and process and facilitate the functions of the forum. Personal information is never shared with 3rd parties or released to other members.


I hope this helps.


Ravelry’s posts can be extremely adult in nature. The F word gets mentioned fairly often, as well as some other choice terms. There was actually an entire thread about the use of the C word on that site. I personally have no problem with it, reading or using that language myself, but would be horrified to have a 10 year old be reading it. Actually anyone less than a high school junior or senior shouldn’t be on that site. Ravelry is just geared towards a certain audience, which is fantastic. It’s just a very specific audience.

So here’s a suggestion: how about starting a children’s knitting site! Someone ought to jump on this idea!

13 is the age for COPPA. Parents need to know about it below that age.

I suggested my 10yo great niece get on some forums, but I also suggested it be done with my niece or nephew looking over her shoulder.

The problem with that, or any other children’s site, is that the “bad” people will find out. All they have to do is pretend they are a kid and they start getting all sorts of information on the kids and before you know it, the child’s been taken advantage of. I’d recommend the common rules of making sure the computer is in the open, have access to your child’s information they post, and engaging them in conversation about what they are doing online with any website.

The knitting videos and glossary are really the most informative tools!
And, in addition to that, YouTube has a wealth of invaluable knitting videos.

He also has his Nana for personal consultation and guidance when he gets stuck. Or, maybe knitting classes at a LYS with his Nana?

What more could a little kid ask for? :grphug:

I’d personally discourage a little 10 yr old from interacting with strangers on the internet, that is, if such interaction is by himself even some of the time. He could pose his questions using his Nana’s membership, with her by his side.

That’s my 2 cents, for what it’s worth. :hug:

And yes, I’m a gramma, too. Ten Grands! Ages 3-23!