How old are you?

I’ll be the big 3-0 September 22nd!:shock::ick::cry::pout:

You’re so young! Wait until you pass 50 and are looking 60 in the face. It gets better as it goes along too.

Well it really depends. Time-wise I’m 45 but they say you’re as old as you feel so I guess that puts me somewhere between 16 and 102 depending upon the day.


I turned 30 in May

I am 13,410 days old :wink:

13,410 days can be converted to one of these units:
[li]1,158,624,000 seconds[/li][li]19,310,400 minutes[/li][li]321,840 hours[/li][li]1915 weeks (rounded down)[/ul] [/li]
I think you can probably find a lot of responses to this question here. [B][/B]

Looks like we have a pretty young crowd here! ;0

I’m 41 next month (August). :passedout:

I turned 42 Feb 11th.

You might want to see Jan’s How old are you? poll further down this thread as many people responded to that.
that’s the link to the recent ‘how old are you’ poll/thread.

btw- I’m 25

41, I’ll be 42 in August…

I already started a poll about age. :wink:

Oops, didn’t see it!