How often do you trim?

just curious. i’m trying to grow my hair long, and have gone about 6 months without a trim. my hair isn’t split at all and is very healthy. but i was thinking i might want it reshaped a bit. i’m just terrified of having it “trimmed” because they ALWAYS take off WAY more then i want, and with curly hair, it shirnks up even shorter then that.

so, how often do you get your hair trimmed when you’re trying to grow it?
just curious! :wink:

I am a student and so funds are somewhat limited, but I try to get my hair done every 4 months at least. I think it would probably be fine if you went and got a trim just to reshape it. It can get a bit draggy looking if it doesn’t get a trim once in a while! But, it’s really up to you. Do you like the way your hair looks right now? If it’s healthy (as healthy as dead hair can be), then you don’t really HAVE to trim it.

i don’t really care for it right this second, but i think it’s the length more then anything else. that weird right at your shoulders doesn’t hang right kinda length. i also think that i jump into hair cuts to fast. when i want a trim i run out that day and get one. i don’t think about it. so i think i’ll wait one week, see how i feel about it, and if i think i need a trim still, then i’ll go get one…

silly me cut it all off after having a baby in fear of looking like a “frumpy mom”. and yes, that was a total impulse haircut that day. felt good at the time, but i regretted it a week later…why?! oh why?! gosh i wish my hair would grow faster! :hair:

I’ve been growing mine out forever it seems, and it is quite unruly right now. Finally made an appointment to get a trim after about 6 months.

Growing out a layered cut as we speak that some hairstylist just insisted that I needed. I’ve been getting trims every four months or so but I color my hair so the ends are fried by that time. I’m about due for a trim and like you are somewhat skittish about asking for an end trim and ending up looking like Sinead O’Connor.

I have very long hair (which I love) and I get it trimmed once every year or when it reaches my behind in a pony tail :slight_smile:

I’ve always thought that a little trim of the ends helped my hair grow faster. Or maybe some hairstylist told me that and I fell for it. :teehee:

Ah ok hair, I thought it might be a toenail question :teehee:


I like to get my hair trimmed at least every 4 months or so. You can go longer if you don’t have any split ends. But I like to prevent split ends before they happen.

Contrary to popular belief, getting regular trims [I]does not [/I]make your hair grow faster. It does, however, keep you from getting split ends, which as they worsen, break the hair up the shaft. So regular trims keeps your hair from breaking, therefore giving it the [I]illusion[/I] of growing faster.

HAHA - I too will wake up one day and decide I need a haircut (much to the chagrin of my hubby). My hair tends to grow like a weed so I have gone from down the back to spikey boy short and everything in between. I grew it out for my wedding and ran to get it cut up to shoulder length the day we got back from our honeymoon. You have more self control than I if you wait a week : )
Anyway - to answer your question. I tend to think (for no scientific reason) I need a trim every 3-4months - just seems to freshen the look a little.

see, i SAY that i’ll wait a week, but i can honestly see myself rationalizing going to the salon tomorrow and asking them to just trim up the layers a bit and leave the length…
maybe it’ll make me feel better about the hair on y head right now so i can leave it for another 6 months? this is the LONGEST i’ve gone without a cut in a long time.

I go in every 4 weeks for a trim and color.
I have shoulder-length hair, and I’m growing it a bit longer. I’ve been growing out layers for a year. I have a good hair stylist though. She takes off just the very ends when we trim.

I get my hair done at least 3 month. But my hair dresser won’t let me cut my hair short.:teehee: She likes it long. I wear it up a lot. But this last time I went in, she talked me into pink. I have pink around the bottom under… and then dark drown on the upper bottom and the Blond on top… Here is a picture of my hair up with the pink showing. Now I am a 42 year old woman with pink hair… I love it… If I wear it down, you can’t see it.

I haven’t had a haircut or trim in over 2 years…

Wow…I didn’t think I was high maintenance, but y’all have got me thinking!! I’ve grown my hair out from just under my ears - it is now about 3-4 inches past my shoulders. I really love it longer and it’s nice and healthy looking. For the first time ever, I get compliments on my hair. But, I go every 8 weeks…I thought that was along time!

it all depends on your hair. when my hair was really short i had to have it cut every 4 weeks. when i try to grow it out, i don’t get cut often at all. but 6 months is the longest i’ve gone since college.

Carla, i LOVE the pink! how spunky! i had BRIGHT red under there when my hair was dark brown. i loved having the option of being funky or not.

i went and got a trim today. she took off 1/4 inch on the bottom and trimmed up my layers a bit. feels a lot better. then i had her blowdry it straight. i feel like i’m wearing a wig! it’s so funny seeing myself with straight hair!
that’s some funny stuff! :roflhard:

Meghan, it looks great! :slight_smile:

I do not ever get my hair trimmed, I don’t like people touching my head. The last time I had a hair cut, I did it myself up in my room after school. I shaved the back and cut the top right around at the tip of my ears. Needless to say, my mother was shocked… sort of. I had been pulling the “hide in my room and cut my hair” trick most of my life. Anyhow, that was about 15 years ago. My hair is down to my calves now. I haven’t been trying to get it that long, like I said I just don’t like people touching my head. And so it has just kept growing and growing. Anyhow, my sister is also a big fan of self hair cuts, and gave me this link for if I ever want to trim mine up.

she tells me to come back in 8 weeks, but at about week 6 I start thinking it’s getting a bit clumsy. I have a side-parted-chunky-layered-near-the-bottom cut. I love my hairstylist, I found her on recommendation from a coworker. she’s the first person who can and does really work with my natural almost-wave instead of assuming just 'cuz I’m Asian that my hair will lie heavy and flat. thanks for reminding, me, I need to book an appointment. :thumbsup: