How much yarn needed for project?

I am knitting the Irish HIking Hat that requires one skein of Paton’s Classic Wool which has 223 yds. I am using the Mission Falls 1824 which has 85 yds a ball and I have two balls. Am I going to be able to squeak out the hat? I need to have it done by Sat in order to give it as a gift.


I don’t think so. Maybe if you use a bigger needle size… but I highly doubt it. Sorry!

I would definately say no. Believe me, i know there is that little voice that is saying, go on, start it, you can stretch the yarn to make the whole hat, but believe me, when you get most of the way through and run out of yarn, you are gonna hate that little voice for egging you on!!

Any chance of getting another ball?

Well, I started the hat, and if I have to I will get another ball. It’s just that time is short cause I have the party on Sat at around 3 pm, and it will take me an hour to get to the lys. So we will see.

you WILL need another ball. If the pattern calls for 223, and you only have (85+85=) 170, you won’t get close, and certainly not close enough to fudge it. If the different was 5 yards or less I’d say you could probablly make it, but not with a difference of over 50.

OK, fine! I will make the effort to get the other ball. Thanks HIldie!!