How much yarn for a scarf (or vice versa)

I have one skein of Lion Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, and I was going to just knit up a quickie seed stitch scarf. Is there a good way to calculate approximately how long a scarf I can make out of it?

You could wander over to and check out some of their scarf patterns made with that yarn. Compare basic st patterns, size of scarf, with how much yarn was needed.


I am currently working on a seed st scarf with Wool Ease Thick & Quick - sz 15 needles - and it will take me nearly 2 skeins to make a 68" scarf. HTH!

I usually guesstimate or the pattern I want to use will say how much to use. The last scarf I made was with size 8 needles. . .the yarn was alpaca and fine merino wool. It was about 60" long and I used nearly 300 yards.

If you’re not using a specific pattern, find one similar maybe just to give you an idea of what you’ll need?

Maybe this will help…