How much yarn for a baby blanket?

How much yarn (in yardage) would it take to make a decent sized baby blanket out of worsted weight? Some patterns call for as much as 6 skeins in different colors, with no indication of the actual amount used (and how much leftover). My skeins are 220 yards each, and I’m wondering if 2 will be enough or if I’ll need 3. Since I’ve never knitted a blanket, I figured someone here might be able to shed some light.

It really depends on the size you want to make it. I usually make baby blankets small enough to wrap an infant and yet large enough to be used as they get older as a cover… around 40" square. You need to determine the size of the needles you’ll use, knit a swatch, (20 stitches, 20 rows), this will give you a guage. Measure the swatch and make a note of it. Use the guage to find how many sts make an inch and how many rows make an inch. When you’ve noted all of this, unravel the swatch and measure. You should be able to determine the needed yardage from your swatch notes. If you need help, knit the swatch and holler back. Will gladly help you. Mary