How much yarn do I buy?!?!?!?!

I understand patterns (most of the time anyway) except when it comes to purchasing the yarn. The pattern I want to do says it was made with 100% wool (not my choice for a baby blanket). The pattern also says it is 50 g/175 yds and that you need 8 skeins. I multiplied 8 times 175 and got 1400 yds.

However, some of the yarn that I have been looking at has only grams on the label. Is there a way to convert grams to yards? I am so confused. All I want to do is make a baby blanket for my expecting friend.


When I don’t know yardage for a particular yarn, I usually do a Google search for the yarn to find out the yardage, or go to to find out what the yardage is.