How much length for mittens?

Hi all,

I’m knitting a pair of fingerless gauntlets for my part-time job boss for Christmas that I have a question about. There isn’t really a pattern, this is something that I’ve found on the net, and I’ve altered. Instead of it being open at the finger ends what I’ve done is added an opening and a flap to cover the opening at the palm-top so that the fingers can pop out and be useful, and then when cold the fingers can sneak back inside. So I guess it’s like there is a cap at the top to cover cold fingers, a shooter’s glove, so to speak.


Anyhow, when knitting mittens how much length do you add past the tip of the fingers? I don’t want these to be to short in hand length, but I can’t really measure my boss’s hand. I figure hers are about the same length as mine, but since I don’t wear mittens I have no idea how long (or how much past fingertips) they should be to be comfortable.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Debra in NC

It’s been a while since I made any, but I think most mitten patterns usually say knit to the length of the middle finger, then begin the shaping which usually takes about an inch or so to finish.

I Love flip top mittens and I am in a midst of making these for everyone in my family, I just finished two pairs for me and my daughter, now I am starting on my son’s pair. I started my shaping after reaching the height of the pinky and it worked out fine.

Reeny, can you tell me how you decrease? Is it every row, or every other row? I’m using a worsted weight, but it knits up like a finer sport weight, and I’m using size 3 needles. Thanks!

Debra in NC

I decreased every other row (I think I decreased 4 stitches each decrease row for mine, and 3 for my daughter’s). For my mittens I used a worsted weight and I did the ribbing and finger holes on size 3 dpns, but the body and flip top on size 5, I also did the thumb towards the front. For the kids I used a sport weight yarn and did it all on size 3, they have a side thumb and no finger holes, just six rows of ribbing around all four fingers up to the knuckle of the pointer.

Maybe it is supposed to be to the length of the pinky finger. It’s been years since I made mittens.