How much is too much?

I have been knitting since January and have recently discovered that I am growing a very large stash. I’ve been keeping it in the closet in a large handled box until that got so full I put some in a large tote bag. Then there’s what I have in my project bag for the wild stripes baby blanket I am working on.
Most of my yarn is designated for a project but there is a good bit that is “left over” from a previous project (like one skien, almost a skien, etc) and then yarn I started working with that I didnt really like, or yarn that I’m kind of like “eh” about the color - oh yeah and then there’s the occasional ebay purchase where I aquire part of someone elses stash. And then there’s the yarn that I just loved and couldn’t leave at the LYS without a place to go…

I’ve tried the “yarn diet” but all I did was gain 5lbs more of yarn.

So, fellow knitters, how much is too much?
And is there a Betty Ford like place for knitters with too much yarn?

No such thing as too much. There’d better not be anyway!

you can’t have to much its like my bears LOL never enough… although sad to report my bears have taken a backseat to knitting :XX:

TOO MUCH YARN?! I’ve never heard of such!! I’ve got sock yarn for 35 pair of socks standing by for my Sock Sabbatical…a pattern for each pair! I have a good deal of yarn, a pattern/project for all of it. Then I have my “I don’t use this anymore” yarn…but, I know that I will have a reason to use it in the future, just not on my current project list :wink:
Nope :fingerwag: NO such thing as too much yarn…that would be like saying too much … :blush: OOPS. I edited bc i don’t know who is reading the thread, sorry :wink:

I could not agree more :slight_smile: And if there is, I am sure I am already in trouble.

My grandmother has a huge stash of yarn and material for sewing. She tells me buy all the yarn you can now because there may be a time when you are down on your luck and can not afford to buy anything but food, but will still want to knit. So, this is how I convince myself that I should go ahead and buy more yarn even when I already have a closet full of it!!! My grandma is great-she can justify any purchase! :smiley:

I like the way your grandma thinks!!! :thumbsup:

I would like to think there is such a thing as never too much, but the truth is it is too much when the guilt is overbearing. Luckily some of us have large shoulders and can bear a lot before that happens. In one of my collections I know I have too much, it is in the attic, both guests rooms, and throughout the whole house and under beds and keeps me awake some nights with guilt and thoughts of how to rid myself of it and what and how much should go. I am not there in my fabrics or knitting yet luckily.