How much is a "ball"?

Many patterns list the amount of yarn in “balls”. Well, when I go shopping for yarn I find skeins of 3.5 oz, 7 oz, a pound, etc.

And, so, I have no idea how much to buy for a given project. For my current sweater project I just figured 2 1 lb skeins should be more than enough but how much makes up “8 balls” (what the pattern calls for in the large size) remains a mystery.

Can you provide a link to one of the patterns or a pattern name?

If the pattern gives the yardage for each ball you can compare that to what you find. So if it says 8 skeins of XYZ yarn (109 yds per 50 gm), then you’d need 872 yds. ABC yarn might come 220 yds each, so that would work out to 4 of it.

If the pattern doesn’t mention yardage, you can look up the yarn at or the company site to find out how much in each ball.

Okay, now I’m feeling kind of silly. The pattern I’m using is the “Sweater for Him” from Boyle’s “I taught myself knitting” book (which is how I learned) and it says right there "Bernat denimstyle (100 g / 3.5 oz) which I can presume is the size of the “ball” they refer to in the different sizes.

I’m using "Caron ONE POUND) in worsted weight so to two skeins I have should be enough I’m thinking.

Yep, the denimstyle is about 200 yds per the 100 g and the One pound is 800 yds or in the solid colors, so that should be enough.

Do not feel silly, I have found so many things about knitting that I just could not get my mind to understand. Once some one said you do this, then this and finish with this, I would do a forehead slap and say it is so simple why didn’t I understand it. Every often there was no frame work to hang the idea on. One the frame work is there it is simple.

If you watch the questions that pop-up all the time you will see many that you find are so obvious you wonder why is was asked. Then you will come across a question that you have no idea what is being asked, until the answer is given. Everyone here has had questions that is how we learn. I have never seen anyone poke fun or say anything less than supportive related to any question asked.

That is why this is called

Now when do we see pictures of the finished project?

Oh, I’ve never been ashamed of having “duh” moments. When you stop having them it means you’ve stopped learning. And when you’ve stopped learning, you’ve pretty much stopped living.