How much does your LYS charge for

a knitting class or lessons?

THE LYS around here all seem to charge $75 on up for knitting classes. That just seems a little steep for me. Is this about average?

is that for one class or two? Mine charged $60 for two classes. Michaels has per session classes for like $15…i am not clear on exactly how those run but i gathered that they were for people needing help with patterns and such. Not sure if they are for brand new knitters.

Gosh, Nicky Epstein is going to be at one of our LYS and that class is only $60! This LYS is general around $40 for regular classes. Now, we have some other LYS that are faaaaarrrrrrr too expensive. But, the LYS that I use is very reasonable on class rates; not as inexpensive as our Michael’s; but it’s generally more indept classes like socks or entrelac, etc. I’m still bummed :frowning: that I missed the entrelac class.

Well, I don’t have a LYS BUT the community center has them for $10. :thumbsup:

I’ve never been to one, but if I remember correctly, one of my LYS’s charges $20, and you bring your own supplies (or buy them there).

JoAnn’s generally charges $20-$30 for classes (at least two sessions per class) and then you buy your project supplies. Is the project included in the class fee? You should ask to see the supply list and then calculate what your true cost would be.

$75 would be pretty expensive if that’s just the fee to take the class. You would think that they’d want to keep their price low so that they could turn more people into knitting addicts. :lol:

$35 for lesson with the yarn and needles thrown in.

yeah i would hope that the supplies would be thrown in. i think by the time i was done with my first class, i was paying…i don’t know i think it was about $80. Of course i chose the most expensive yarn in the joint! and she gave me clover circs as my first needles…i am not sad about it though…money well spent by my estimation! :wink:

speaking circs…i started going through all the sets i was finding around my house this weekend…SHEEEESH i have a lot of pairs of the exact same needles…same length and everything…lol. i reeeeeeeeeally need to keep track of what i have and if they have a project on them or not!

Mine charges 35.00 and that includes your yarn its a 6hr class over 2 Wednesdays the next class is just 30.00 not sure why its Advanced and you get your yarn then too…

My LYS charges for about half of their classes (the other half of them are free as long as you buy your supplies there). They run $25 and include your supplies.

Don’t think any of my LYS’s have classes…

Two LYSs in my area.

One offers 2 sessions of 1 hour each for $30, or a 1 hour “refresher” session for $20.

The other offers workshops of 3 sessions of 2 hours each for $35.

The beginner class I took was 35, and it included a ball ofyarn, a book ("I can’t believe I am knitting’ or something like that which is a good quick reference book from Leisure arts), a set of Inox needles (which I detest) and 4 classes. The next class I am taking which starts on THursday was 34 I think, and alas, my Noro yarn and Noro pattern were not included but you do get 30% off (I think) on materials bought for classes. That class is also 4 sessions, 2 hours each, and as much hand holding as you need in between … you can go in and they will fix your booboos and help you if you are stuck. That class is beginning sweater…I was very tempted to do a tank on my own first but ran out of time :XX:

15-25 depending on which LYS and what the class is.