How much chenille would it take

I want to knit two afghans; one for my son, one for my daughter, for Christmas.

The pattern I chose has big, soft, chunky yarn.

There are 3 kinds of yarn I would like to use and all are chenille.

One is 300 ypp and I would get 300 yards (color is several differant shades of green).
One is 550 ypp and I think there is 550 yards of this (color is medium grey).
Then I would get some black, 900 ypp and there is over 5,000 yards on this cone!

So, all this yarn would be enough for 2 afghans, right? I could use the black for both afghans, and mix it with one of the other two colors for each. So, one would be several shades of green and black; and one would be grey and black.

Sorry for all these dumb questions…these would be the first afghans I will attempt to make and I have no idea how many yards a big afghan would take.

I think I’ve read on one pattern 950 yards? But I’d be using very thick yarn…which I hope will look pretty, and hope I will have enough.

I’ve also just read somewhere that chenille yarn is really difficult to work with…oh no! Is this true? Why?

I would be using pretty big needles, something like size 13 or maybe bigger.

SO my main question is: how many yards of chenille (very thick) would it take to make a big afghan?
And: Is real thick chenille yarn very hard to work with, why?
And: Would using differant thicknesses of chenille yarn in one afghan look wierd?

Thanks, anyone, for any advice. I’m almost done with my grandson’s red hoodie that you’ve all helped me so much with. I will for sure post a picture when I’m finished.:stuck_out_tongue:

Yes chenille is very difficult, at least some brands. It doesn’t have that stretch the way wool or acrylic does. And after it’s knit it kind of twists up, it’s called worming. Thicker chenille on small needles might not be quite so bad. If you can get a small amount of what you’re planning and try it out, I would suggest you do and decide how it’s going to work.

I made a cardigan out of chenille. It’s pretty
but I had to frog a couple of rows and start over. :frog: When I began knitting again I realized that the chenille had indentions in it from the needles. It never really plumped back up again. But, then again, I’m probably the only one who noticed the smushed parts.