How Much Addicted Are You To Knitting? Take This Short Quiz To Find Out!

I just took this quiz, and I found out I am only 80% Knitaholic!

How much addicted are you? Take this quiz to find out!!

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Taking the quiz would cut into my knitting time! :roflhard: I’ll look at it later.

i’m not - i only got 50%… :wink:

I got 70%.

I already know I’m addicted, I don’t need the quiz to tell me.

But I’m gonna take it anyway, just because. :smiley:

80%. would have been more, but they didn’t ask if I took my knitting to work and did it there.

:woot: :knitting: I got 80%, it would have been more but the circumstances presented aren’t part of my life. :x: :woohoo:

I only got 50%.

I never tried knitting while I walk. Could be a good idea. Will have to try that.

I’ve often thought of knitting at work but too risky. :frowning:

I really make a very strong effort not to have too much stash. And the yarn that I do have I try to hide from my husband’s eyes. Also, I hardly ever buy - always recycle old jumpers that no-one’s ever going to wear.

I also make a very big effort not to start a new project until I have at least almost completed the current one that I’m knitting.

I do have to knit for at least 20 minutes every day or I feel I missed out on something important.

i think all our results could be skewed (probably higher?) if the questions asked how often you did certain things… instead of a simple yes/no, it could be how often do you take knitting with you to appointments, or how often to work, etc.

june 13th (next saturday) is worldwide knit in public day. like, i never bring my knitting anywhere out in public because i don’t want it getting dirty or wrecked (i can’t imagine spilling a caramel macchiato on a WIP!).

but maybe i’ll change my mind for a special occasion. if anybody8 wants to check out the hoopla. :wink:

Seems I’m seriously under-committed - :shrug: or maybe just over-committed elsewhere!
I can do a bit for world knitting next week, though, as I’ll be manning a stall at a fete (for Habitat for Humanity, folks) so will probably be needing something to do! We are having the most bizarre weather here - 1st of June - heating back on and fire lit - yesterday melting in sun - today thunder, hail promised…:eyes: