How many yards of worsted yarn to make a pair of man's mittens

Does any one know exactly how many yards of a worsted weight yarn it will take to make a pair of men’s mittens? I need to know so I can order the yarn from Knit Picks. I already found a chart that gave me an estimate for the hat I will make to go with the mittens. This is a set I will be taking to a National Convention in2014 for my daylily work.I will be offering it up to be raffled off. I already have a project for the women in mind.

If the pattern for the mittens doesn’t give you a number, you could take a look at some of these.

Of course it’s going to depend on the size you’re making and the pattern details. Whatever you decide, it’s worth adding in another skein of yarn just to be sure.

Here’s a chart for appx how much yarn you’ll need for various projects. For mittens in worsted it gives you 3 different sizes. An adult large says 175. If he has. Hands larger than the measurement then add some. Personally I tend to err on the side of an extra skein. You can always use a bunch of worsted leftovers later for another pair of striped mittens, fingerless mitts, etc.

Eta- I just saw Salmonac posted the link already. Oops! :lol:

I don’t know the size of the person who will bid on the mittens . I thought if I had a generic man’s mitten pattern I could use that. My hubby’s hands are not the average man’s size. His are larger. My oldest son’s hands are the same size as my hands. So see I need an average size.

Oh I see… Well, then I suggest going to Ravelry and looking at patterns for men’s gloves. I haven’t made any myself, but I know there are bunches of women’s patterns so it seems there must be mens. :think:

ETA- okay I looked on Rav… There were quite a few free men’s patterns, but many were for fingerless mitts. I did find a few basic ones.

I knit tons of mittens for my adult kids and for charity. You’d need about 100 grams if you’re doing it in wool. I used Cascade 100% Peruvian wool. Not sure of the yardage in those. I used one Cascade skein and two Knitpicks Wool of the Andes 100% Peruvian wool skeins. The two yarns are similar, but I think the WOA would be more like a light worsted. My son has a pair made with those that he loves. And the ones I did for him were convertible mittens that used more yarn. I used two WOA skeins. Keep in mind that the Cascade is 100 grams and the WOA is 50 grams. The Knitpicks seems like more of a bargain, but the skeins are smaller. However, even if you have to buy two, I find it’s still cheaper to order from them with the shipping and save money over name brands and LYS prices. My LYS raised their prices 33% so I don’t shop there anymore.

Edit: I should add that I knit my mittens and gloves with a #7 or #8 needle. Everybody’s gauge is different. Mine runs about about 4 1/2 stitches per inch on the 7 and 4 stitches per inch on the 8, if that helps. Yes, I know. I’m sloppy when it comes to gauge but it works for me. Have done these mittens so many times I know the exact cast on number, measurements, and could do them in my sleep.

Just a suggestion for your project. I love my convertible mittens. My son loves his. They allow you to keep your hands warm while driving but keeping your dexterity. They allow you to handle money and keys. You never lose your mittens because they stay on your hands. Here’s a video on converting any mitten pattern to convertible mittens. I think something like this would be a huge raffle item.

I was planning to make them convertible. I made some mittens for 4 girls that came through my crossing last year and made them all convertible for the girls. They loved the mittens and one girl said her mom took hers and wore them to work one morning and wanted to keep them. I thank you for the links I have got the patterns now .