How many works in progress do you have?

I generally have 2 on-going projects, so if I get bored or frustrated, I can leave one and pick up the other. Lately I’ve been traveling for work quite a lot, so I have a travel-friendly project too, taking my count to 3.

How many current works-in-progress do you have?

I have 2 active ones. An oddball pet snuggle (everyone should try this!), and an afghan for my cousin’s grandson. I also have a couple of things that I’ve put aside for years, and a queue of future projects to work on. (I guess I’ll have to live to be 117 years old to finish all of them.) :aww:

Usually just 2.

A passenger-friendly project in the car, usually dishcloths.

and one project in the house. I may add a 3rd one if I need something by a deadline and don’t have time to finish the other project before starting it. However, I do not let others dictate deadlines and rarely give myself deadlines.

Technically too many, but two active ones that I’ve been alternating on a bit. Mostly I’ve been working on the mini socks for the Operation Children Stockings project.

[COLOR="#330099"]I just finished one of the three that I was actively working and there are three more that I set aside some time ago and haven’t yet picked them back up. I have yarn for at least two more projects, but I haven’t started them so they are just in queue. I’m sure you don’t want a count of the number of patterns I’ve put in my binder “to do one day.”

[Edit to add] :oops:
I forgot I have a scarf that only has fringe on one end so that kicks it back up to 6. :sad:

I dislike doing stringy fringe and I haven’t yet committed to pulling the that stringy fringe out and crocheting a stout fringe instead. :wink:

i have too many

i have 2 blankets (one which i should really get working on because its for my son’s birthday!)
1 market bag
1 pair of longies
1 scarf

i think thats it… but who knows what i will start tomorrow!

Let me list them as it is to many but I work on each and every oneof them even if it isn’t a lot. Some get more attention than others. Wips: cabled hoody, kimono, 2 scarves, two pair of socks on same circular needles, one knitted doily, one crocheted doily, and that doesn’t include my cross stitch or needlepoint or even the sewing projects. Variety is the spice of life!!:cheering:

Mathwizard, I’m glad I’m no the only one with so many things going!! LOL!

I’ve got sewing projects, knitting projects (more than I can remember!) and really old cross-stitch and crochet projects as well. And that doesn’t even include the half-finished watercolor painting :teehee:

For knitting though, my main project is a shawl that is over three-quarters of the way done (yah!) for my DMom, a dishcloth, a scarf, a pair of socks, a cabled hat, a CotLin hand towel for my dsis, and that’s all I can remember right off-hand. Oh, and a crocheted purse/bag that I started six or more yrs ago (but I still plan on finishing, really!)…and I just remembered a mini-granny-square afghan I started when I was pregnant with my DD (she’s six now). I have 29 out of 720 squares done~YIKES!!

Probably about 20 or so; I will probably abandon one of them, the rest will get done sooner or later.

If you don’t count those that I plan to write off as projects I’m not interested in enough to finish, I currently have 2 WIPs - a sweater, and a dishcloth.

We just had this conversation at knit night…I only have 3-4 any given time. One of our ladies went home to count and she has like 35 ! She is notorious for starting things and losing interest and moving onto something else.

Usually about 20… sometime more, sometime less. I have several long term projects and several of those are shawls that I’m working designing. So I knit the section I designed and then have to stop and work on the design for the next section. It might not be he best way but it works for me. I also have startitis… :aww:

I have four right now and it’s two too many for me. I tend to “lose interest” in some of them and frog them or totally get rid of them if I don’t pick them up once in awhile. So I am best just having two…a mindless knit and then a more challenging one.

I only admit to four – three afghans and a scrubbie. :knitting:

I started a scarf, but I frogged it and have not restarted it – so I don’t have to count it. :wink: Same thing with the sock I have OTN. :slight_smile:

I also have a bib OTN, but I have lost interest and will not be finishing it. I’m just keeping it until I repurpose the yarn or need the cable.

I usually have 3-5 projects at any one time. 1 sock, 1or 2 shawls and 1 or 2 sweaters. Funny, I find myself finishing them all within a week of each other. Then I start all new projects. I don’t plan it that way, it just happens.

Right now I just have one, but I’m about to start another two. I’m knitting a hat for myself, and once this one’s done I’ll be working on a hat from the same pattern for my best friend, and these fingerless gloves: :inlove:

They’ll be my only OTNs for a while, because I’m in The Tempest here (as a spirit/goddess, if anyone’s interested) and I’m directing… oy. Busy busy busy. :slight_smile:

I hve a lots of projects of which 2 are on knitting needle and 1 am tatting an edging for a prayer triangular shawl

I forgot to add an hairpin lace shawl and hairpin lace baby blanket. I did find a granny square afghan I started years ago before my children came along. It will get done. Now don’t think I don’t finish my projects. It just takes a bit longer except for ones I started before kids. I do plan on finishing them but every time I finish a project I add another. I do try to do easy things to give my brain a rest from the challenging projects. I try not to say boring but if I get tired of working on a particular project rather than not finish it I go onto to another and then go back to it with a fresh look and sometimes attitude.

I just have three going right now: a pair of scoks, a sweater and a tea cozy! That’s pretty good for me!