How many stitches will a 24" circ hold?

I’m knitting my first top-down raglan sweater in worsted weight - it will fit a woman’s 40" chest. As I keep increasing 8 stitches every other row, I’m on row 25 and I’m wondering how this 24" circular needle is going to hold the 360 stitches it’s supposed to hold before I put the sleeve stitiches on holders. What do you folks think?

I’ve had that many stitches on a 24 inch needle, but the yarn was thin. I think you may want to move up to a 29. But since you’ll be taking off stitches for the sleeves, you might be able to do it. I guess that’s not a very definitive answer, but the 29’s would certainly make it easier.

Thanks Ingrid! :x: