How many stitches does it take to get a knitted coaster to be 4 inches by 4 inches?

I am thinking about knitting coasters again with a new pattern I am using to knit dishcloths with, and I have a question. How many stitches does it take to get a coaster to be 4 inches by 4 inches? I would appreciate some help with figuring this out.


P.S. Here is the link to the dishcloth pattern I mentioned:

The pattern really gives no information on gauge. If you’ve used this pattern then you’re in the best position to measure out 4 inches and count how many sts it took. You can work that number, with maybe one or two extra as edge sts for the length you want. Nice stitch pattern!

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I agree you are the best judge of that if you’ve knit the pattern before if you are using the same yarn and needle size. If you want to use different yarn I suggest knitting a gauge swatch. Cast on 30 stitches and knit for an inch. then measure 4 inches and count. If it’s too small you need a bigger needle or more stitches.

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Thank you. I am also using size 8 knitting needles for this pattern. How would that figure into getting a 4 in. x 4 in. knitted coaster? Just curious.

Is that the same size that you’ ve used before? For the same yarn and needles, the number of sts for 4 inches should be the same. If you go up in needle size the knit fabric will be looser and you will have fewer sts/4inches. If you go down in needle size the knitting will be tighter and you’ll have more sts/4 inches.

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I have to admit that I have used size 8 knitting needles before when making dishcloths. I have also used size 7 knitting needles when knitting coasters. I have a pattern (I think I got it from Ravelry too) that explains some of our subject here. If you like, I will share it. Is that okay? By the way, thank you for the explanation.

You can give us a little nk to the pattern if you’d like. Just copy and paste the url here. It’s always fun to see new dishcloth patterns.

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I will do that. I was going to post a link to it anyway, as per the rules.

The link is right here:–coaster

Thanks so much for interpreting my post. (I’m out of control on my iPhone.)
That pattern is a classic. Since it’s knit corner to corner, you can follow the cast on of 4sts and knit until one edge measure 4 inches, then begin the decreases. Should make very nice coasters.

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You’re welcome, salmonmac. :slight_smile: With the Purl Twist pattern I am going to use, it requires casting on 40 stitches, not 4 stitches, and knitting it horizontally, not diagonally, unlike the other. Therefore, with making coasters in the Purl Twist pattern, I would have to cut down to 30 stitches to ensure a 4 x 4 measurement for it. Does that make sense?

I’d say give it a try. You’ll know within the first 5 rows if it’s too far over or under 4 inches and you can adjust from there. Presumably this is going to be a set of coasters so the first will be a bit of an experiment. Let us know how it goes.

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I will. I will even post a picture of one of the finished coasters if you and the rest of the forum are interested in looking at it. Where would the best place be to post it on the forum?

If it’s a work in progress you can post it in What’cha Knittin’ and add a WIP to the title. Then as you work on it you can add posts to that thread. And/or you can post in whatever month it is…there is a November What’cha Knittin’ thread up right now.


Thank you. I will do that when I get the first coaster done in the sets of coasters I will be making.

Hello everyone,
Since this thread, I have a found a different stitch pattern to make the coasters that were the subject of this thread with. I will still post a picture of one of the finished coasters if anyone is interested in seeing it. Thank you everyone who has helped me here.


Great! Of course we’d love to see the coasters. Thanks for the progress update.

You’re welcome. And I am glad to hear that. I will post one of the coasters as I make them.