How many stitches do I cast on to make a swatch?

Hi all,

I have a pattern that I’d like to make, but first I want to make a small swatch. It’s a large project and I’d like to be sure I can do it. The problem is I can’t figure out how many stitches I need to cast on. Here’s the pattern.
Can anyone help me? I can’t for the life of me figure out how many stitches the pattern is knit across. Thanks!

The gauge is 4.5 stitches per inch, so I’d cast on about 25. This will make sure you have enough stitches to measure properly without getting any edge stitches in there.

Tannen - Is your question how to make a swatch, so you can check your gauge (then like Ingrid said, and swatch in stickinette) or how many to cast on to see if you can do this pattern (in which case, I think any multiple of 12 + 3 would work)?

My question is more about a swatch to see if I can do the pattern and if it’ll look like I think it will than one about gauge. I thought about doing 12+3 but that doesn’t look like it’ll work (row 2 is 12+5, row 4 is 12+4, row 6 is 12+6, row 8 is 12+4, row 10 is 12+5 and row 12 is 12+6 right?). I’m so confused:??

It’s a pattern with a varying number of stitches, it doesn’t have an equal amount of incs and decs on each pattern row. I’d CO about 25 as Ingrid suggested, k 5 sts at the beginning of the row, place a marker, do the pattern as written, place a marker and finish the rest of the row in knit. Coming back you do knit on the ends outside the markers and purl in betweem the. The st markers will keep track of your pattern stitches, the border sts are in garter so you have enough stitches.



At first glance, it does look like all the rows are different stitch counts, but if you follow the pattern, when you get to the end of each row, the knit st of the pattern are kind of incorporated into the last knit sts of the row. So, for Row 2: [COLOR=“Red”]k2, *k1, (k2tog, yo)x2, k1, (yo, ssk)x2, k2. Repeat from * to last 3 sts, k3[/COLOR] - that K2 at the end of the pattern repeat will really be 2 of your last 3 st (which are supposed to be K3 anyway). Know what I mean?

Yay! I got ya. Thanks so much. I started to wonder if that’s all it was. There’s a curtain pattern that uses the same lace pattern, so the tablecloth is just the lace pattern with a k1 on either side. I think I’m all set now. Thanks so much for your help :slight_smile: