How many skeins of yarn?

Hi guys!
I’m knitting my first sweater and the patterns asking for 18 skeins of 50m. Does this seem right? I’ve had a look at a few other patterns and they don’t seem to use this much. I’m buying online and don’t want to order too much or too little. Thank you!

That’s around 975 yards and doesn’t sound too off depending on the size you’re making. I’ve got a sweater I’m about to start that calls for just more than 1,000 yards in bulky weight for a 40" sweater. I have a bulky vest in the queue that calls for 750 yards for roughly the same chest size.

Since the pattern is calling for skeins rather than giving yardage, the designer/yarn company likely rounded up to the nearest number. And since the pattern has two colors, they rounded up twice.

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I plan on 1500 yards for mine (male, large). Yes it can be expensive especially with some yarns. You don’t have to use the yarn the pattern calls for. The same gauge should work up the same.

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That’s a cute sweater!! Where did you get the pattern??

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I got it from spotlight my yarn store, but it’s by the brand cleckheaton. Hopefully it will be easy

More for an extra color depends on how those colors are used. Sometimes there are stripes in a sweater, but they’re thin and so you only use half the skein. But you still had to buy a whole skein of that color. And it didn’t use a whole skein, so it might not have replaced a skein of the main color, so you might need the same amount of the main color as you would if you were doing a single color sweater.

Since you’re only using one, it could well be you’ll need a skein less than the pattern calls for. If you’re getting the yarn at the yarn store, ask about their return policy if you end up with extra skeins.

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Balls that are so small – 50 m is not very long – seems very odd to me. I would tend to buy a large cone of yarn instead, so there are no joins. But I come from a weaving background, so know how to use cones of yarn. Much better value for your money!

If you have any yarn of that same type and brand, do a swatch. Weigh it and measure it. Then you have to do some calculations. You need the area of the sweater, and the area of your swatch (to know how much territory it covers). Then determine how much yarn (the weight) it took to make that smaller area, and calculate how much yarn is needed for the area of the sweater. This is where all that algebra you took in school finally becomes useful! Get your kid to do the math for you if you don’t have the skills.

Then you will know exactly how much yarn you will need. I like a little extra for swatches, and sampling finishing techniques (washing, blocking, etc). If you are using several colours,you will need extra for that too. But 18 balls in this small size of package doesn’t seem out of line.