How many skeins of this yarn for the pattern?

Hello, as I am new to knitting, I can’t guess the amount of yarn for a project. I would like to knit this Dreamy weave cardigan and I was thinking about this yarn . Would you help me out to estimate the number of skeins? Thank you :slight_smile:

Very good looking cardi:

The gauge on the yarn, Drops Eskimo is 11sts/4inches, a super bulky but the gauge called for in the pattern is 15sts/4inches. This particular pattern gauge is 15ts/4inches when held double in the pattern stitch. It’s difficult to compare but you can go to the yarn ideas tab in the Ravelry link and look at what others have used. It seems to be a combination of two yarns held double. The number of skeins are also given for many of the projects and that would be a better bet than the super bulky.