How many skeins? and what type of yarn?

hey all - I am wanting to knit two things but am wondering how much yarn I’ll need for each project.

First - I want to knit a pinwheel baby blanket - Round Baby Blanket Link

  1. how many skeins do you think I would need for a baby size one?

  2. also what type of yarn would you use? superwash wool? cotton? bamboo? blend? what type?

Second is a pinwheel sweater Elann Pinwheel Sweater

it calls for 8 skeins of Peruvian Highland Wool which is 50g / 109 yards per ball.

  1. however that isn’t a superwash wool is it? I’m thinking for a child’s sweater that superwash would be better?

what do you think?

  1. or what yarn would you recommend for that pinwheel sweater.

  2. oh and do you think it’d be difficult to come up with one that would fit inbetween the baby/toddler pattern and the adults pattern. I have girls ages 5 - 9 that would love them but they’d be too big for the baby pattern but too small for the adult pattern - any suggestions?

Super wash or something like Lion’s WoolEase (washable with a little wool) would be good for either of these. It’s a similar weight to the Peruvian Highland.

just bumping for more thoughts/suggestions

Hi, Christi!:waving:

I don’t have any thoughts on yarn amounts or substitutions . … . however, on the sizing front, Stitch n’ Bitch has a great chapter on revising patterns when you do want to change the size or gauge. I would suggest using that as guidance for determining how to alter the pattern to your desired sizing.

thanks - I’ll have to check that book out from my library!