How many rows...?

For how many rows would you recommend for a men’s scarf?

Rows? I never count rows. I just knit till it’s long enough. The pattern says with 350 yds of worsted weight yarn you’ll get appx. 55inches. I’d probably make it longer… maybe 60 - 70 inches, but you need to buy at about 400 yds and just start knitting.

Cables are easy, but can be time consuming especially with so many of them so keep that mind if this is a gift with a time you need to have it done by.

Thanks Jan, I will keep that in mind, I only asked because it’s going to be striped in white, red, and black

You’d still just keep going and end on which ever color you want after its about long enough. The only time I’d count rows in this pattern is for the cables. Each twist needs to be the same number of rows. I probably wouldn’t do stripes in a cable pattern, but you certainly can if you want.