How many of you ACTUALLY use a row counter?

There’s gotta be a better way…


sigh i have a bunch of them but rarely use them because i always forget to turn it. i always end up counting my rows anyway because i don’t trust myself to have remembered to the counter on every row.

I don’t use one. I could never remember if I turned it or not. I never had an electric one, because I think I’d have the same problem.

If it is imperative that I have the exact number of rows, I usually mark them on a paper. More likely, if I have to do 6 rows, I will right a 1-6 on a paper and mark them off as I go.

At this point, though, I can usually tell what’s been done. I usually just write down rows if the stitch pattern is complex–makes it harder to count rows by just looking at them.

I’ve got one that i’m using right now. It’s one of those cheap-y, turn-y ones that sits on my needle.

In the past i’ve never used them before because i forgot to turn them or got irritated with them on my needle, but i’m currently working on the DNA scarf and it’s proving itself to be invaluable! The pattern is rather complex and changes every row so if i didn’t have it i’d be sunk.

I kinda forced myself to use it for this project but i’m glad i did!


I use one of those peg style ones on everything that is a bit complicated! I love it!

I used the one I have a lot when I began knitting(if I remember correctly it was with the lot of needles I got from my grandaunt).
But after some mess like “Have I turned the wheel?” and “Darn, I think I turned it twice!”, I now use a pen and paper. Yes, you can still forget to use that, but somehow I don’t. Plus I have my own way of marking decreases and increases. That way I can check if I already did that 6 decrease rows. For example when I make sleeves for a sweater I not only write down the rows(btw. I make a line for a row) I also mark the decrease rows and so I can make the second sleeve identical.

Well it’s all complicated to me right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I started a new scarf - a ridged garter stitch that involves a few rows of knitting, then a few rows of stockinette - but at not so regular intervals. I still can’t count garter stitch rows very well either, so this mix of stitches is making my teeth itch.

But the very idea of stopping after each row tick to move the little dial…I just know me - It’s likely not going to get remembered.

So far I’ve done it on paper too, Ingy.

I wonder if writing the pattern out in a repeat for the number of times it’s supposed to happen begs the question WHY one just wouldn’t use a counter if you’re gonna take all that time to do something to keep track…

The pattern (don’t LAUGH! It’s complicated to ME! I’m still a noob! :roflhard: ) is:

K --> 1, 3, 5-11, 13, 15 & 16
P --> 2, 4, 12, 14

Repeat 17 times.

Peg style? :slight_smile: What’s that?

I think for me the act of marking something with a pen takes more action than turning the knob. Somehow it gets into my conscious mind more or something.

for your pattern I’d probably make a little list that said

K, P, K, P, K, K, K, K, K, K, K, P, K, P, K, K and mark off each row as I went.

Another way to help keep track is to remember that the right side is usually an odd number row and the wrong is even.

I use my “I don’t know what I did without it…oh yeah, SCREW up electronic row counter” that I got from knitpicks…I don’t think that’s the exact name, but it should be :wink:
I use it ALL OF THE TIME!!!

My thank you’s, O wise one. :wink: Looks like that’s gonna have to do it. Now if I can just find a way to do away with stitch markers… :thinking: :rofling:

Peg style? :slight_smile: What’s that?[/quote]

not really a good photo - but you move a peg over each time you do a row.

I recently used mine for the first time… making some fingerless mitts, I was counting rows for increases and rows for cables at the same time. It was my first cable project, my mind was boggled :shock: . I used the counter for the cables and counted the easier increase rows manually (they are, after all, pretty easy to see). I’m sure with more experience I could do both by eye, but for now, it was a big help. I made myself a rule: the counter gets ticked at the end of each completed row or round, so the numbers always reflect the last completed row. It’s a crutch, I know, but I’m still taking baby steps and the counter was a big help.

Peg style? :slight_smile: What’s that?[/quote]

not really a good photo - but you move a peg over each time you do a row.[/quote]

Ohhhhhh - I’ve seen these… :slight_smile: Thanks for the pic Carol! Reminds me of some game I used to have as a kid…forget which one.

I have used the dial one on a more complicated pattern and it was very helpful. I’ll have to check out the other types, too.

id o i do. i’ve used the turn one, but just last week i bought the one you push…i :heart: it!!!

I use the one that hangs on your needle so its THERE and CONVENIENT for me to turn…there will be some patterns, for instance the Wavy Scarf I am working on, where you MUST keep track of what row you are on. Do yourself a favor…REALLY. :thumbsup:

sigh Really?

whine but I’m so forgetful:frowning:

Alright then.



I’m such a brat!

i use the red, click it one from clover and i would be LOST without it

i have just trained myself to click it after every row

the times that i have been too lazy too use it, and just think, “oh, i’ll just eyeball it” have all ended in disaster

i :heart: my row counter

i’ve got the hangy one, too, and I love it. I use the square loud clicky one for flat projects… funny story: I was knitting the clogs, and using the clocky one to keep track of the short rows, and DH was “trying” to watch TV, and apparently the clicky bothered him… I realized this, and then just started randomly clicking just to be annoying… knit 2, click, k5 click click, k1 click, k1click… He actually last about a minute and a before he was like OH MY GOD WHAT’S WITH THE CLICKY THING???" I thought it was totally hilarious :roflhard: … until I realized that i wasn’t paying attention to the pattern AND I had royally fubared what row I was on :frogging:

anyway. yes, i use them all the time. I’m more carefuly about who I annoy with it, though.