How many long tail cast-on's do I need?

Hi! Beginner knitter here, I’m about to knit a beanie for my 6 year old cousin, and I have trouble figuring out the measurements, especially how much long tail cast-on’s I need.

The pattern of the beanie only has a measurement up to only a 12 months old child and not more than that, and I’m dealing with a 6-year-old here. The pattern mentioned that for a 12 months child, it would need 92 cast on’s. My cousin’s head circumference is 53cm/20inch, and I have no idea how many cast-ons is required for 53cm/20inch. How do I measure it and figure it out?

Help? Thank you so much :blush:

Look on Ravelry for beanies using the same yarn weight and needle size. With some luck you might find a beanie meant for 6 years old children and you can check how many stitches they used. If you do not have luck you can look at beanies meant for adults and then multiply the stitch count with 0.88. Of course then you need to round to something fitting your ribbing (for example for a 2x2 ribbing you need a multiple of 4).

This should give you a quite good estimate on how many stitches you need. Cast on and knit some rows and then test it on your cousins head.


It might be simpler to find a new pattern- if you want this one though, maybe there is an online knitting measurement counter that could help you? I’m sure I’ve seen one somewhere before, but sorry, I don’t know where!

Remember that you want to make the hat 1-2 inches smaller than the head size so that it’ll fit snugly.
You can use the pattern gauge and your gauge to calculate the number of sts needed for the number of inches you want.
What is the name of your pattern?


Hi! The pattern I’ll be using is called The Mau by knitkatpaddywhack :blush:
Link to the pattern

May I suggest looking at The Knitting Space. I think you would find a suitable sized beanie for a 6 year old child.

I will definitely check sizings on Ravelry instead! Thank you so much for your advice! x

I will look around The Knitting Space as you suggested and try to find accurate sizings! Thank you x