How many groups are you in and why?

I am amazed at the amount of groups that people are in, I just saw one lady’s profile and it said she was in 114 groups! I am in 10 and that is plenty for me, I even feel a little guilty cause I do not post in all of them all the time.

I was wondering how many groups people are in from here and why. The reason I am wondering why is I am not sure if part of it is kinda a popularity thing or if there is some real interest in a particular group? I think I try to be a little picky in the groups I am in, there are a lot out there that I could be in but I am not sure if I would actually bring anything useful to the group so I just kinda end up being a “group/forum” watcher.

I hope I am not insulting to anyone as that is not my intention, just curious is all!

I’m sorry! Yes, I am talking about Raverly groups!

I’m in two knitting groups. I own my own messageboard for my friend Lorenzo (in my profile). I belong to a couple of Pagan groups too. Ummmm that’s about it lol!

Are you talking about Ravelry groups?

I’m in a bunch and I’ll probably only add to that. I join them for two reasons:

1.) It’s a local group with meet-ups and the board provide location info, inside dish on LYS sales, I might be able to meet actual IRL friends from it, etc.

I keep a casual eye on the boards for these groups to catch the info.

2.) I peruse somebody’s profile, see a really silly group or something I’m a fan of and go “Bwah!” and immediately join said group. :teehee: Once I’ve done that, generally speaking, that’s the only attention paid to it. I don’t share projects, don’t keep track of the boards, etc. I guess it’s sort of like collecting online tchochkes.

Embarrassingly enough, the majority of my groups fall into category 2. :mrgreen:

[I]ETA–I do pretty much the same thing with my Facebook groups addiction…[/I]

What kind of group? Ravelry? Yahoo? Something else?

For Ravelry, I think I’m in one group – the KH one. I haven’t spent a lot of time over there and I haven’t explored everything they have to offer.

Knitting is kind of a second hobby for me and I spend my online time elsewhere. KH is my primary knitting social group (here, not on Ravelry) and I mainly use Ravelry for it’s database. :thumbsup:

I’m not in any Yahoo groups anymore, although I do stumble across ones now and then. The couple I had joined in the past weren’t very useful to me and now I just stay out of them.

I’m in one group on Ravelry - Survivor 16 Micronesia. I don’t spend a lot of time on Ravelry. I really prefer KH forum. But, it’s nice to discuss Survivor with other fans who I know are watching AND knitting - like me.

Just joined the KH group! Thanks to all for pointing it out. Never would have thought to look for it on my own.

On ravelry I am in 4 groups, KH, Knitty Gritty, gone to small dogs, and stitch and scrabble. I feel guilty to say I hardly ever posted on any of them, I just think they make it easier to meet other knitters with your same interests, and for someone to see things your interested in when they view your profile.

I’m on one, the KH one. I think I’ve posted like two things on it. I’m quite the social butterfly as you can see. :roflhard:

I’m in a few groups…I joined them because they’re either topics I’m really interested in, or, like a local thing…I like to tell myself I’ll keep up with the group, but, I usually just end up becoming a lurker and making the random post every once in a while…lol…

I’m not sure it’s either 5 or 6. I don’t go there much and tend to only visit 1 of the group when I do go. The others don’t seem to offer much I’m interested in and I just haven’t dropped them much. I have enough trouble keeping up with posts here. This is my main stop after reading Yahoo news.

I’m in 3 or 4 groups over there. I personally like the forums here much better :thumbsup:

I’m in a stupid number of groups on ravelry. I’ll see something that catches my eye, join, lurk for a bit, do a random post, but that’s about it. I’ve been back and forth a lot, but I came to the conclusion that I just like it better here.

I’m in 6 groups, 2 are local, 2 are EZ, 1 charity, and the KH group. I don’t participate in any of them really. I prefer the forums here.

As for why people have so many? I think it’s one of those things where you click join w/o thinking or you don’t want to lose it because there might be something there you want to see later. :shrug:

Beth your link is incorrect. :wink:

I’m in 3 groups: KH, Polyglots (that’s what i am) and Knitting Russian Style, which has some amazing knitters as members and i get lots of inspiration from there and we can also discuss our knitting heritage.

You’re right! thanks for catching it. I’ll have to start over to fix it … another day!

I’m in alot, too many to keep up with. But then, I’m an information junkie and I need them. I rarely post but I most always read.

I’m in 10 groups at the moment, including KH. I joined the Yarnographers group hoping I could learn some photography tips and the Tour de France KAL group because I’ve never participated in a KAL and I [B]LOVE[/B] the Tour.

Others are just for fun, and I don’t participate heavily in any of them although I do check in regularly.

When I first got on Ravelry and looked through all the groups it was overwhelming! I saw a lot of them based on TV shows I watch(ed) and other topics I was interested in, but I didn’t join because I didn’t think I would really participate much.

It also depends on my mood at the time; if I’m feeling sociable and a little bit outgoing I’ll join a group. I like the buttons, too!

Should I admit that I’m in an insane number of groups? :slight_smile: I actually do it more to “collect” the “stamps” I participate in few of them. Just more of an expression of my interests than anything else. Off-hand I know that I’m in groups for homeschoolers, SCA Fiber arts, Obama supporters, a few other historic knitting groups, a few local ones, autism, glbt, bread baking, tea drinkers, and a bunch I can’t think of right now.

I’m in 20 groups. I try to keep the number right around there and if I join a new group, I’ll leave one that I’m not active in (which is most of them). Of the 20 groups I’m in, I read posts in about 8 of them, and actually post in about 3 or 4.

I don’t think I’ll ever really care for how the forums are set up on Ravelry. Guess I’m too spoiled for a real forum like KH.

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