How many do I CO?

So my DD (2.5 yr old) picked out a yarn recently (Baby Bee – Angel Fleece) that she wanted and we agreed that I would knit her a blanket all her own. Doesn’t need to be a huge afghan or anything so I only bought one skein (I can, if required go get another, I suppose).

I am just doing a garter stitch blanket on this one (want it to be quick). Apparently this yarn is 127 yards and size 10 needles (US) for a 6x6" gauge. Unfortunately, the label was destroyed (thanks to kiddos) so don’t have more than that.

Here is my question…finally… what number of stitches would you recommend I CO to knit up a blankie for her that would use this one skein (ideally)? I don’t want to CO on too few and end up with something tiny but don’t want to run out and be no-where done. IF I need to do two skeins to make this blanket, then how big do I shoot for for 1/2 the blanket?

This is a stupid question, I’m sure. I guess I should just go for it and see what happens but… any input would be appreciated, not only by me but also my DD when she has a blanket that is HERS.

Not a stupid question at all. One way to do it is to do a guage swatch that can be unraveled and used (in other words, don’t bind off. You will then know how many stitches per inch it produces. Then decide how wide you want your blanket to be in inches. Multiply the number of stitches per inch from your gauge swatch time the number of inches and voila, you have your answer.

Okay, so that answer sounded so simple… why didn’t I think of that? THANK YOU SO MUCH. My brain is FRIED today and this really helps me!!!