How many CO stitches for this Feather and Fan >>>>


It just gives the ‘mulitple of’ number. But assuming that I want to make an average sized shawl with a yarn that gives 4 st. per inch, how wide is the average shawl? Not a shoulder wrap, but a full-sized shawl?

Thanks, hope that was clear. Haven’t finished my cup of coffee yet.


Still workin on the first cup, too! LOL! Okay, surely two heads are better than one… your multiples are just that, when you determine how long you want the shawl, for example and DON’T take this number as a good shawl number cause I’ve never made a shawl…

Feather and Fan can be 11st or 18st multiples… you want your shawl to measure (example only!) 45".

45(desired length) X 4(guage/sts per inch) = 180(estimated sts. to cast on)

180(est. sts) divided by 18(pattern stitch multiples) = 10(repeats you will have of the pattern multiples)

And you may need a border, so add those sts. to the 180…

Hope this helps! Mary

I was thinking about 20-24 inches and I went and looked at some patterns that that seem about right… the smaller size that you said you don’t want is about 14-16 inches…

HTH! HAve fun knitting it :knitting: I LOVE the Feather Fan Stitch!

I think I’ll go with a size 8 needle, just need to know a good cable length if I"m going to CO 180 and I’m getting 4 st./in.

Thanks again! :muah:

Probably 24" to 36 inch would be fine.