How many balls are in a skein?

I’m working on a felted bag, and the instructions say I need three balls of one color.

HOWEVER… Aren’t most yarns sold in “skeins”? Which I think are the oblong products. Instead of the round “balls”.

On another package of yarn I have, it says that in the skein it has 6 balls.

So… are balls measured? I’m so confused!

A ball is another word for skein and are packaged individually, so I think you may be misunderstanding what the 6 means. It could mean a ‘size’ 6 weight of yarn, like the pictures on this chart. You need to go by the yardage the 3 ‘balls’ in the pattern would be and find that much in another yarn, which may take 4 skeins or 2 or even one, depending on the yardage in each. What’s the pattern and what yarn do you have?

You have to look at yardage. If your pattern says 3 balls–three balls of what yarn? How many yards of yarn does each ball of that yarn have?

A skein is yarn that has not been rolled into a ball, and a ball is what you can knit from.