How long should a baby blanket be?

I’m working on a baby blanket, but I don’t know how long I should make it.

I will very much appreciate your opinion and input on this.

Thank You!


They come in all sizes and any would be usable. Small ones can be used thrown over them in a stroller or car seat, or in a playpen. How wide is yours? Square is good, or you can make it a few inches longer than it is wide.

Most baby blankets start at 36 inches wide, and are at least 36 inches long.

My favorite blankets when my girls were babies were 36" square. I found with the square blankets it was easier to swaddle than rectangles and 36" kept the baby wrapped better than smaller ones. My girls dragged those blankets around for years!

That being said other sizes have their value, too. Carseat or carriage blankets, floor blankets, etc.

It all depends…

on how wide it is
on whether you want a square or a rectangle, etc…

When I work on a baby blanket I will occasionally lay it on the floor to see how it looks. There’s no real “hard and fast” formula.

hth, knitcindy

How long should it be? I’ve been known to keep going until I run out of yarn. I’ve not knitted many blankets but I ran out of yarn a lot crocheting them.

That brings up another question - how much yarn does she have…?

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I make most of mine around 36" X 40" or a little bigger.