How long for socks?

how long does it take you sock knitters to finish a pair of socks, with sock/fingering yarn and say size 2s? if i’m calculating correctly based on what i’ve done so far, i think i’m looking at 16-18 hours of knitting per sock and i feel like an idiot. plus everyone is always saying they’re fast and instant gratification and stuff… meh!


That is prolly about right for me too with smaller needles and finger weight yarn… I think 3s go faster and you wouldn’t think there would be a big difference between 2s and 3s… I’m making a pair on 0s right now… I was mad at them for a week… :teehee: I’m finally getting past the gusset :happydance:

I figure it takes me about 12 hours for a pair on size 2s. But I don’t knit for 12 hours straight or anything (who does?) So I go by how many days it takes. I can knit a pair in a week easy… but only if I cast on the second right away, otherwise it can take forever to knit that second sock. :teehee:

I cast on the first of a pair last thursday, and I’m a 3rd of the way through the second sock now… if that helps. :??

It took me a couple of weeks to do an ankle sock on size 000s, but then again I think that was only about 24 hours of actual knitting time. One ankle sock, I don’t have enough yarn for the mate. But the gauge is insane, i don’t recommend it. Now I’m doing lace socks on 00s with finer yarn, and I like it much better.

On the first day of Sock Wars I knit a single sock in 12-14 hours (larger needles, but busy pattern!). 16-18 hours sounds right for not rushing with smaller needles.

I think it is ‘instant gratification’ in comparison to a sweater!

Have fun!

I started the first one (Silver’s tutorial, using fingering and size 3s) on Sunday 2/11 and finished it on Sunday 2/18. I cast(ed?) on the second one on 2/18 and I hope to finish by Thursday. I’d say that first one took close to 20 hours. I’m a pretty slow knitter, so it’s hard for me to whip out anything all speedy for instant gratification.

I’ve only done sock yarn socks on 2.5 mm needles. [the yarn comes from the local store and says sox on the label…]

They take me about 15 - 18 hours of dedicated knitting time. Usually I can find a few evenings a week and get a sock knitted quickly. The fastest I’ve done is a pair in two days. But I was babysitting a Dennis the Menance and basically sat the entire 10 hours daily and kept him out of trouble. Then I would knit in the evening once the kidlets of mine were in bed.

you’ve all made me feel TONS better, thank you!!! :muah:

[color=indigo]I think socks feel like they go faster because you change your knitting. Just about the time you are fed up making the cuff, it’s time to start the leg. Then when that gets too annoying it’s time to change to rows and make the heel flap. Then the excitement of picking up all the sts for the gusset. Challenge of remembering if you’re on a decrease round or a “knit even” round. Breath a sigh of relief that it’s just plain knitting again. Oooops boring! Time for the toe decreases and TG this is finally done! :teehee: [/color]

Sundays are dedicated to no work and knitting. I made most of one sock this past Sunday. I finished it up last night. I did knit almost continuously on Sunday and then sporadically on Monday and Tuesday.

I figure it takes me a couple of weeks to do socks simply because of my other responsibilities.

I just started a pair on size 1s (and boy, those little buggers are sharp! x-( ) and I only have about 3 or 4 inches done, and I knit all day yeseterday :wall: . I can’t wait until I have to start the other one.

i left a part out, which i didn’t think was a big deal… i’m using 2 circulars, the KP Classics in size 2, 24 inches, and I busted the cable on one of them. I super-glued it while waiting for the replacement, but the super glue stuck so fast, there was misshapen cable sticking out of the tip which caused snagging and difficulty when i was switching needles. I got my replacement today and just did a little knitting and boy does that make a difference!!! I’m sure I’m still looking at several weeks to finish a pair, but it REALLY moves things along now that I can slide the needles effortlessly.