How long does it take?

Being a new knitter, as myself, I was just curious how slowly I knit or faster compared to all of you.

How long does it take you (I’m speaking to anyone who wishes to respond) to make something as simple as a scarf? or socks?

I tried knitting fingerless gloves and let me tell you, it took me like two to three days, a few hours a day, to get the ribbing for the wrist part done.

I was wondering if it’s possible to knit something in like 30 minutes that’s relatively easy.

When I knit, it takes forever, but I love the end result. My tension usually gets in the way and slows me down because the yarn gets stuck between my fingers and then I have to yank it out which leaves a lot more yarn than I need.

I just would like to know how fast you all knit.

I said I crochet faster, but that’s because of all those speedy stitches in crochet, like double and triple crochet! I’ve never compared the speed of single crochet to knitting. I wonder! I have no idea. I’ve been crocheting since I was 4, and I’m pretty fluid at it, but I’ve done more knitting in my life.

I just clocked my knitting speed last night for the first time, so your question is timely! I definitely hit 51 sts/minute, and I thought I hit 54 sts/minute, but I’m not sure I clocked that last one right. In any case, that was my best, of a handful of attempts. I think that’s pretty darn fast. I just did a little online research, and it sounds like the very fastest knitters out there do 60 sts./minute. I usually knit at a much more mellow pace though, more like 40 sts/minute. That’s my natural pace, and I like to take it easy! It’s not about speed, for me, but enjoying the task! Good heavens, I wouldn’t want to try to knit an entire garment in my super-speedy mode! LOL! :wink:

My fastest purling was 40 sts/minute, but I think if I kept trying I could get 45, because I kept missing stitches.

I found I was much faster on my size 4 needles with smooth merino yarn, then I was on my size 9’s with acrylic. It made a HUGE difference! It’s making me think I might want to try out those Addi Turbo needles everyone raves about. I’ve never even tried them!

Maybe I should change my Knitting Geek Code to say SPM+++ (Stitches per Minute = unusually fast)? I’ve never had anyone gawk at my knitting speed; but then I don’t usually knit at that top speed. I think because I tend to knit slower, I’ll keep it at SPM++!

In general, I think it’s unusual for a beginner to knit faster than 30 spm, and more common to be in the teens or twenties.


That sound awesome! I am really quite slow compared to that, but non-knitters think I knit fast. I’m working on this blanket for my boyfriend which I can FINALLY get off my chest because Christmas was over and I was keeping it a secret from him! The pattern is a free one from Coats and Clark. Here’s the link

It says “Cozy Weekend” … I don’t know if that means that it can be knit up in a weekend or what. I know I haven’t been able to. I’m about 1/5 of the way done so far and it’s coming along! I just wish I’d be through with it already. I also have a few other Christmas gifts that aren’t finished. Christmas is indeed over but I have to get them done lol. I lag behind a little. But I did just learn how to knit 2 months ago. I have about…8 projects going right now, but some are dormant. I’m trying to get speedy, but I should tell my boyfriend to clock me.

btw, I’ve been crocheting since about 3 months ago. I love it too and at first I thought it was better in beauty than knitting ( I didnt much know the difference except through little pamphlets at the hobby store ) and now I like knitting better and find that you can make a lot of the same patterns with both. I am definitely faster with crochet though. It’s just too bad that I was rediculous as a child and forced my wrist to pop to make a horrible noise (because being a 3rd grader I thought it was ‘cool’), now I’m getting carpul tunnel syndrome! eeks! Therefore, it’s not as fun to crochet so much as it is to knit. I’m trotting along tho switching back and forth.

My boyfriend beckons, I must be off! Thanks for the response! :smiley: