How long does it take to learn how to make socks?

I am currently struggling my way through Silver’s Sock Knitting class. Very nice webpage, and she’s clear as day as to how to do things, but…I cannot figure out how to navigate all these rassifrassin DPNs for the life of me.
I’m working with sz 2 bamboo DPNs.

There is no average time because we all learn at different speeds and in different ways. If you’re a new knitter it will probably be a little harder because socks are not the simplest project and DPN have their own issues to learn. I learned DPN on the top of a hat. Now I rarely use them for anything including socks.

If you’re having a specific problem you can ask about that and we’ll see if we can help.

I can use dpn but rarely do. I much prefer circular needles and magic loop. Any pattern written for one method of circular knitting can be done another way. Some people prefer dpn and use them instead of circular needles. I learned sock knitting on magic loop. If you want to try circular needles and don’t care for magic loop you can use two circular needles. There is enough to deal with when learning something new that I don’t want to add dpn issues also. I’m always dropping a needle and they are way too good at hiding.

I don’t recall which heel style Silver’s uses but the easiest IMO would be a Fleegle heel.

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All good suggestions. Silver’s sock class is also very good but if it doesn’t help you then you need to try something else.
Have you looked at Liat Gat’s videos? They’re very good and don’t use dpns. This one is for 2 at a time socks but you could try one at a time to start if you prefer.

I would recommend perhaps making baby socks first.

a) They are much quicker to make and use the same techniques so you will get the hang of it quickly.

b) You can give the baby socks away of donate them afterwards.

Good luck!


I saw your post about knitting socks. I learned pretty quickly with elementary instructions.
I may have the pattern and how to do it if you like, also I learned with #6 DPN needles and worsted weight yarn. Makes it easier to see stitches and hold yarn, etc

A good pattern you may find on line is called …Beginner socks…I bought it in a yarn shop but can’t remember the author. I would be glad to send it to you if needed.

Good luck
pat P

My NaNoKnitMo is going to be 'have at least one sock by the end of the month. :slight_smile:

Size two, if they are the old Grace Ennis designs, it could take easily 50 hours to do (that’s five hrs a day, for TEN DAYS!) If you use a larger gauge needle/less sts per inch- an easy weekend. What I do to finish off socks in a jiffy is make them shorter (ankle socks) and make a pair using larger yarn/needle gauge. But, using size 2 will make a very nice pair of socks- thinner the gauge yarn/needle equals a finer sock. I would just do ankle socks if time is a factor.