How long does it take for Knitpicks to ship!?

I am just dyin over here checking my order status… I ordered my Harmony set on Friday and still nothing… currently processing. How long does this usually take? I thought they would ship Fri or Sat… was shocked when they didnt ship yesterday, and if they dont ship today, Im gonna :hair: I have all kind of things here sitting around waiting for circular needles!


I placed an order with them on 12/22 and they shipped it 12/23. I received it a week later.

I placed another order on Sun, 1/4 and it is still pending. I’m thinking maybe they don’t ship out on the weekends and they are getting caught up. I’m not sure though.

They just sent out a new catalog, so may be behind in processing orders now.

I placed an order on 12/31 (early morning) and expected it to ship on that day. I checked status on Friday 1/2 and it was on-hold. When I called customer services she didn’t know why it was on hold, the only odd thing she saw was that I requested a catalog in the notes area of the order. She said someone put my order on hold because catalogs are shipped seperate and the new catalog will not be out for another two weeks. She released my order, it shipeed that day. I am not one to have patience so I always pay a little extra for three day shipping. it should be here tomorrow!!!:woohoo:

The one time I did not pay for three day shipping it took 3 days to ship and then 14 days before the mail man brought it.

I think if you put any sort of note in the comments section, it gets set aside so that can be attended to, rather than being placed immediately. It should have been released sooner, though.

I’ve found them a little on the slow side, but it always gets here eventually.

Guess I should just start a scarf then… poo. Thanks for the info! If it doesnt ship today, Im callin!


I usually have my orders in my hands 2 days after placing the order.

I placed an order 1/3 and the current status is “pending.” Patience.

It usually takes me about a week to receive my orders.

I’ve found it to be very inconsistent. I’ve had orders ship on the same day, and some that just sat there pending for days and days. I’m waiting on some nickel plated DPNs now that have been pending for a few days and still haven’t shipped.

i place an order on 12/28 and it just shipped on 1/5. I wish I had paid extra for the 3 day shipping. Oh well, maybe this is some sort of lesson in patience. :tap: But it’s hard especially since my husband tried to order them for me for Christmas, Only prob was that they were closed due to the bad weather.

Good luck with that lesson on patience. I failed a long time ago. It may take me weeks to make up my mind about what it is I “can’t” live without or “must have”.; but once I decide and order it, I want it NOW. So, to save the additional “stress” (clearly self inflicted) I use three day.:aww:

Next time…I will for sure, especailly with Knit Picks.

No kidding…Me TOO! Of course, that could mean that it still sits in the pending pile for 3 days THEN gets shipped 3 day… I am far too impatient for this place. Too bad you cant get these needles anywhere else or I would have.

Maybe it was a mistake after all. Ive read the problems about breaking tips with the Harmony over at Ravelry and how they are good about sending out replacements, but how long must THAT take?


I got mine in 4 -5 days even with this past New Years being a holiday. Pretty fast now that I think of it. (I ordered it a few days after christmas)

Yabbut jax, you’re in the same state as their warehouse. When I lived in MI I’d get orders in about 5 days.

And paying for faster shipping doesn’t necessarily means it leaves the warehouse faster, just means the shipping method is faster.

I received an email from them that they are really post-holiday backlogged on emails and orders and that if you haven’t heard from them in five days then call them…

My order got placed on the first and mailed on the 6th. Who knows when I’ll get it!! Soon I hope!!

Usually they are pretty quick, considering the free shipping. I think its just bad timing for me~ordering on a holiday that coincides with a weekend~well, that’s a long wait for sure! Oh well :nails:

I’m so glad I read this. I was just about to place an order with them but think I’ll wait till they get caught up over there. The last order I placed was on 12/22 and I got it on 12/29. That was also the FIRST order I’d ever placed with them and if they hadn’t shipped pronto I would have been less likely to order from them again.