How long do you like your scarf?

I am knitting a 6-inch wide scarf and it is now 30 inches long, hangs down to just above my waist. How long do you like yours to be? It’s fairly thick, as I’m holding two wool threads together.

I guess it depends if you want it to go up one side, wrap right round the neck and then down the other side, or if you want it to go up one side, round the back of the neck only and down the front again!

I make scarves for hire and the ones I make are 60inch scarves. It seems to be a good length for most of the people I make them for.
The length you are supposed to make is the length YOU want it.
Keep trying it on till its as long as you want it. Thats the length its supposed to be.:mrgreen:

If it is a thick scarf, long enough to drape around my neck, cross in the front, and tuck inside my jacket without the ends sticking out the bottom.

For a thinner scarf, I want to be able to fold it in half, wrap around my neck, and pull the two ends on one side through the loop on the other, and tighten.

Does that make sense?

That is how long [I]I[/I] like my scarves to be.

You will want your scarf to be whatever length would be best for what you want to do with it. :wink:

When I made my son’s scarf, I kept trying it on him for length. When I finally finished it and gave it to him, since he was four years old at the time, he ended up wearing in some twisted way that I hadn’t foreseen at all! :rofl:

He has requested a new one and I have to figure out if I want to base the length on what I think HE will do or what I think he SHOULD do. :roflhard:

There is a base rule that the scarf should be about the size (or a little shorter) than the person it is made for. Generally women like them shorter and men longer.

I like my scarves to be 2 meters. It’s quite long, but I just prefer longer scarves…

I am making scarves as gifts this Xmas, so it’s not a matter of what I like. The various answers are very helpful to me. Thank you.

I think 60 inches is a good ballpark length.

Yeah, 50-60 inches. And depending on a man’s age they may like them on the shorter side. So if you know the clothing styles your recipients like, keep that in mind.

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][COLOR="#300090"]Simply conduct a telephone survey of the intended recipients and a few other people they know (like family members).

Use a background story that uses as some truth but not all of it.

You tell them…

You’re a member of an on-line knitting forum and someone on it has asked for help to determine general scarf size preferences across the country. The data you need is Age, gender, region (in country or within state), schooling, career field, and if the choice is for cold weather recreation, sensible cold weather attire, or fashion.

Then after a time (when you milked the data out of your “victims” and a few others) then you say. Oh, yeah, I got enough data already or “I lost interest in that since it was so much work.”

Conversation starters:
“Who is Dr. Who and what the deal with his scarf?”
“Do you have a scarf I can borrow? I left mine in the car, at home, …?”
“They do the strangest things on-line…” (hmm, maybe that is too true to use! :oo: )

Any other suggestions?

I like my scarf to be about as long as I am tall. It is just long enought to double over the length, wrap around my neck, and tuck the ends through the loop made by the fold (for cold days). Yet it is not too long to just hang around my neck without looping or crossing (not so cold days).

–Jack :guyknitting: [/COLOR][/FONT]