How long do I make this baby hat?

Hey guys~

I had this pretty baby yarn and it was screaming “hat!” at me. I started knitting a k2 p2 ribbing and then just winged it stockinette the rest of the way. The problem is that now I’m not sure how long I need to make it before I start decreasing and how long total it should be for an average baby’s head. I have no babies for reference or even anyone expecting (at least at the moment) but I’m just in a baby knitting mood.

Here’s a pic:
It’s about 5 inches long from cast on edge at the moment.

four or five is usually about how many i do before i start decreasing. most of the baby patterns i do usually fluctuate between those two numbers.

Longer is probably better than shorter - if it’s too long, you can fold up the ribbing for a brim.

hmm,… I should start decreasing on it then. Is the best way for this type of project the k2tog all the way around until it gets to a low number of stitches or is it better for this to do k2tog on each DPN and then do a few rows normal?

My standard hat decrease is the swirly looking one – say you have 80 sts on the needles, you K8, K2tog for one round, then knit one round, then K7, K2tog then knit a round, continue in that fashion until you get to K5, K2tog then decrease every row until you have K2tog all around – then pull the yarn through any remaining stitches and weave in the end.

Hmm,… my hat has 72 stitches (18 on each DPN). Does that mean I would k16 and k2tog on every needle, decreasing as I go (k15, k2tog next round, etc) ?

i would start with knit 7 k2tog, (as it is divisible by 9, if i have my math correct :?? ), then just work the next row with no decreases, then the next with knit 6 k2tog, next alt row, knit 5 k2 tog… continuing like this.

I think your decrease would result in a rather large crown.

I’m a fairly new knitter. I’m one of these people that usually needs a pattern to refer to for EVERYTHING. I’m glad I have you guys to help and correct me…LOL


eh baby hats become one of those things that are such a quick easy gift that you don’t often have to use a pattern for them. not unless you want to do something fancy. i whip out roll brim baby hats whenever i need something to knit and don’t have any projects i want to work on (i figure out who gets it later…lol)

The decrease is easy to figure out if you just figure out what number of stitches you have and find a good number to divide it by (9 was an excellent choice in this case). Then you subtract 2 from that number (for your decrease) and have at it. i love the swirly top it makes when you do that.

and if you want a fancy little touch at the top, when you get to the point where there are 3 or 4 stitches left, instead of threading them through, you could do an icord for about 4 inches, bind it off, and then tie it in a knot…voila…umbilical hat! :cheering:

and since they are babies they will put up with us putting them in whatever ridiculous hat we want to :teehee: